Winter Collection of Cynthia Fontanella!

Loving, drooling, wishing, freaking out…there are no words to define what we’re feeling right now. Today’s post is so beautiful, which will be impossible to control the emotions.  One of the most common emails we receive are from women asking for more tips about fashion party: where to find nice dresses for bridesmaids, mothers of brides, guests, graduates, what to wear, what are the trends of the moment, etc. Yes, because finding the perfect look for these kinds of occasions can become a pilgrimage. We know that and as now is a time that bashes the bridal month is already on the way (Hi may!) and the chicks come out desperate in search of dresses, today we brought you the new collection of top Designer Cynthia Fontanella !

CYNTHIA FONTANELLA is one of those names that you know and never forget! Created in two neighbors, city in the interior of Parana, the namesake of the designer brand Cynthia Fontanella appeared in 2011 and, despite the young age, has recognized identity and is marketed in over several Brazilian States. Specializing in the creation and development of party dresses and produced almost handmade, the brand presents high-quality parts and details impeccable. It is a super hunch for retailers who are looking for a brand new, full of refinement and sophistication. With pieces that cherish the authenticity, uniqueness and amount of detail, the brand Cynthia Fontanella is appreciated by famous and important fashion bloggers. Whether in red carpets of prestigious events, in sets, television programs or to illustrate articles about the daily lives of the famous, the dresses Cynthia Fontanella have appeared in a variety of silhouettes of actresses and models. No wonder that the designer has earned both appreciations in such a short time! Despite a mere 3 years of your brand, Cynthia Fontanella is already one of the most renowned designers of fashion party in the South of the country. In addition to launch their collections in the halls of business and fashion events such as Paraná Business Collection, the designer also works with custom creations in his Studio, where he holds wishes in the form of dresses for the most important occasions.

Revisiting works set in the past and literally fairy tales, Cynthia Fontanella built the universe of your winter fashion, all opposed by bets on strong expressions, long-winded, vibrant, urban and global wisely punctuated by historical elements. A mixture of times and translated into a lysergic climate completed by a surreal atmosphere, with shapes and bold transiting between the classics and the new look about them. Mixtures of substances and fun shapes, fabrics and textures create volume and lightness in timeless gowns with personality, class and elegance, revealing the value of handcrafted and unique objects. The embroideries are colorful and minutely executed on true art “savoir faire” and ennobled by pedrarias bathed. A strong and austere tones like Burgundy, black and purple with vibrant yellows, brands scored Fuchsias and blues, merged the shades now gloomy now give life candy the Cinderellas, Alices and Auroras. Cynthia Fontanella proposes a winter fashion inspired by emblematic values, unique materials, artisan excellence and enchantment.

Every woman deserves the beauty. We are more and more in love by dress from Cynthia Fontanella and we are sure you will not resist the talent of this brilliant stylist and become fans!