Why Do Tattoos Inspired by Body Positive?

Why Do Tattoos Inspired by Body Positive

In the past, tattoos were a symbol of recognition of marginalized people. This paradigm was being broken down over time, making them look favorably at the aesthetic sense. Today, tattooing has become part of everyday society – and many people are tattooing images that bring some important meaning. Body positive tattoos are a good example of this.

Why Do Tattoos Inspired by Body Positive

The body positive movement aims at encouraging acceptance and positivity in relation to one’s own body, against the beauty standards established by the fashion and aesthetic industry. Its purpose is to enhance the plurality of beauty and to propagate self-love.

It has helped in many ways to improve self – esteem , especially for women who are overweight . After learning more about the movement and hearing the ideas propagated by it, many people say they feel more comfortable with their curves and are more satisfied with their self-image.

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The positive body tattoos

Inspired by the body-positive movement, many people have decided to make tattoos on their bodies that lead to self-acceptance. These tattoos are usually small and simple, but have a strong meaning behind them: self-love.

For this, often images and designs of plus size models are used, to show that the perfect body is the one you like, rather than the one that the media insists on exalting.

In addition, phrases are tattooed that help a person to love himself and realize how much he is loved. Here are some of these phrases that inspire self-acceptance:

Stay strong

The phrase that the American singer Demi Lovato has tattooed – and helped her to stand firm in difficult times – also helps many women to overcome the prejudices lived in the social environment.


The acronym “YAE” means “You Are Enough”, in Portuguese, “you are enough”. It is a phrase that encourages a person to accept himself as he is, without wanting to be more, not less.

Vous etes belle

The phrase “Vous etes belle” is a French version of the phrase “you are beautiful”. It propagates the beauty of accepting oneself as what one is, that is, accepting oneself as a beautiful person.

Patience and Believe

The words “patience” and “believe”, which signify “patience” and “believe” respectively, are also widely used in tattoos.

The first to know how to deal with the nasty comments that we all will find, and the second to believe that it is possible to change the common sense of beauty.


The word that names the movement could not be off this list. Positivity to the body, positivity to thoughts, positivity to life. Seeing the world in a more positive way will only bring benefits to everyone.

The fight against the cult of thinness

The fact that, unfortunately, it is still impregnated in the common sense of society that a beautiful and healthy body is a lean body, the fight against the cult of thinness is becoming more and more indispensable.

For years, thousands of people who did not fit this pattern felt overwhelmed – and now is the time to hear their voices.

Love and respect are necessary, both for oneself and for everyone around them. So do not hesitate to give a compliment to someone you admire, much less to extol the beauty of all kinds. Although difficult at the moment, it is still not impossible to form a world in which everyone feels comfortable with their own image.