What Is the Difference Between the Converse Chuck Taylor 1970 All Star Current?

What Is the Difference Between the Converse Chuck Taylor 1970 All Star Current

In January 2014, Converse launched the series Chuck Taylor 1970, a line based on the manufacturing standards of the 1970’s. This was not the first time that the brand made this. Since 2008, Converse japan has been creating versions with the base vintage and the Vibram sole, but this was the first time that a line retro was launched on the world market.

What Is the Difference Between the Converse Chuck Taylor 1970 All Star Current

The first release of the All Star 1970 came with a choice of high tops or low in the colors yellow, mustard, red, white, navy blue and black. Today, this collection became a recurring, and every season, Converse launches new color options. The cool thing about this line is the restoration of many of the traits that are gone of running shoes Converse Chuck Taylor in the late 80’s to cut costs.

At that time, the Talk started promoting the Chuck Taylor All Star as a fashion item for counter-culture, rather than being a sneaker for basketball, other sports, or a shoe of leisure for ordinary people. Bad financial decisions and the management of bad product made the company lose market share. The Talk he had forgotten that the Chuck, in your number one product, it was a running shoes for all types of activities, for all people of the society, and not just for a counterculture youth, or rock stars.The All Star is a sneaker classic that belongs to all generations and life styles.

Eventually, the mismanagement of the Talk in the 1990s led to its bankruptcy. Fans all over the world continued to want to buy and use the Chuck Taylor and helped in the great recovery of the Talk, which was purchased by Nike. The All Star has never been so popular, and is used by people of all ages all over the world. Here in Brazil, it still carries a little bit of the ranso of the strategies of the Talk of the 90’s, and in my opinion the Chuck Taylor 1970 gave a reascendida in people who knew the brand from the 80’s back.

The Evolution of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

The Chuck Taylor All Star is the most famous tennis and timeless Converse. However, what many fans are unaware of, are the various changes through which the tennis has passed during its century of existence.

The Chuck Taylor 1970s is a reproduction based on the visual of the tennis in the early 1970s. These years were very important for the Talk. The brand had just launched the model pipe down, and started to produce various colors of Chucks. Many athletes calçavam their products, and the tennis was extremely popular among all types of young people, and began to turn a symbol of some groups.

At this time, the Talk also had success selling new models, among them the Jack Purcell, One Star and the Pro Leather, virtually ushering in the fever of sneakers. Were the last years of the “golden era” of the trademark as, in the near future, she would be the brand’s official footwear of the NBA and they would face heavy competition from other brands and would take a series of bad decisions, culminating with the almost-closure of operations at the beginning of the years 2000.

The line Chuck Taylor 1970 restores some of the important characteristics of tennis and the quality that only older generations remember, allowing the younger generations to share in this experience. These are some of the differences that justify the higher price:

·         The quality of the Canvas in the All Star 1970 is better

  • The most recent changes took place in the beginning of the years 2000. First, the canvas, both exterior and interior, this new Chuck Taylor came to be more fine. The material has ceased to be a “2-Ply” cotton, and became a “1-Ply” textile, less structured. The exterior and lining of the sneaker All Star 1970 return to be done with a canvas pretty thick.
  • \The mounting of the shoes is different

The construction of the outsole and midsole of today is different, with more components that are fitted and glued. In 1970, the midsole is composed of three parts, and is more high. The black line is also applied differently, with more emphasis

The shoes retro also has an outer seam on the bottom of the shoes. They are not only ornaments. Serve to secure a another layer of material that is secured to the inside of the shoe and leaves it more resistênte.

o    Quality of trims, finishes and details

The eyelets of the All Star current are of nickel, The laces are made of nylon, and the heel comes with logo white “All Star”.

The eyelets of the 1970’s are made of aluminum and the two holes for ventilation are more distant. The laces are cotton, and a bit thinner than the nylon

The tag on the heel is black, and another detail is the tag internal silkada in the language. A reminder of when this was the tennis official of the basketball players.

·         Quality of the sole

  • The rubber on All-Star normal is a lot less durable, and often has a kind of fabric” glued on the bottom. It seems strange, but there are some restrictions on the import of rubber and therefore the Talk uses a mix that ends up setting up the sole as the fabric.
  • The outsole of the All Star 1970 is made of a rubber more dense and off white,rather than white. The color change is a tribute to the rubber oxidized found on many vintage models of All Star, the natural effect of the passing of the years.

The format of the tennis

The rubber around the shoes is higher and thicker, and the format of tennis is different. The model retro has the front part a little wider, and the white rubber on the toe is smaller and has a format that is less rounded.

·         Comfort

  • The changes don’t stop there. The insoles are made with the old “Converse Arch Support”. They are much more high, more soft and comfortable.

·         It’s worth to buy the Converse 1970s?

  • These are the differences between the new model Converse Chuck Taylor 1970 Converse Chuck Taylor standard of today. Worth? Yes! These details of the Converse 1970’s were considered to be practical for a basketball player of the season, especially before the technological advances in footwear with high performance.
  • There is nothing wrong with the All Star current, which is a tennis buddy of all times. but the All Star 1970 has received an upgrade in the manufacturing and quality of materials, which resulted in a running shoes more comfortable and more resistant. Proof that at least this time, our parents are right when they speak “In my time was better”.