Victoria Beckham in Vogue China: Do New Victim of Photoshop?

Victoria Beckham stars in the home and the central of the may issue of publishing of Vogue China. Until there all right. The revolution, criticism and accusations towards the magazine arrive, when carefully noting the series of photographs in black and white so surprising showing a Victoria Beckham dynamic and resolute against targets of Inez & Vinoodh, readers discover that the leg of the designer shows a somewhat suspicious deformation It could be the work of a misuse of Photoshop.

To enlarge the image can be seen the similarity of color between the Fund and the designer underwear

Accustomed to editorials and covers without much play, rather static and somewhat serious, Victoria Beckham is surprising in the new issue of Vogue China with a photo shoot nothing unusual in it.

Strange postures and movement are two of the keys to the central publishing of the magazine, hence not attention-grabbing this difficult position in which the former Spice has been photographed. However, leg showing extended seems to have suffered an excessive retouching by any Wizard of Photoshop. Or perhaps is it’s an optical illusion?

There are those who advocate that it is the color-matching between Victoria Beckham underwear with the background of the photograph which can lead to error, and argue that this similarity (or accuracy) color is also a much suspected. In addition, all is known misuse of the retouching in the fashion industry.