Thus They Work The Half-Truth. a Jaana Jatyri, Trendstop CEO Interview

I’ve always been fascinated by the ability to predict trends and what will be the most in the future which work with the companies of trendspotting. Companies such as Trendstop, that you emit a few valuable reports for the fashion brands. Today we know how they work and how is their day to day thanks to the interview that we have been able to do to Jaana Jatyri, Trendstop CEO:

This Finnish graduate by the London completo Central St Martins College of Art and Design founded Trendstop in 2002 to inform clients such as Marks & Spencer and River Island on which silhouettes they would be next season. Trendstop works to distributors, luxury brands and manufacturers to report what they will buy their customers the following season, translating concepts of trends in trade must-haves. Today offers short and long term (up to autumn-winter 2015 / 2016) for companies such as Versace, Diesel, Topshop, L’ OrĂ©al or Harrods.

Where get the information to your reports of trends prediction?

We use information from a variety of sources: from parades, streetstyle, boutiques and fairs to art, design, movies and much more, to make sure that our prediction of trends is reliable and successful for our clients.

We have more than 150 coolhunters around the world that keep updated our team based in London mostly what happens on the international fashion scene.

In this way, we get to be abreast of the latest trends as soon arrive at the circuit of style.

Are you still streetstyle blogs for predicting trends?

The streetstyle influences in our predictions, but rather than follow the blogs of the people, we have a large number of people scanned the streetstyle around the planet (from London to New York, Paris and others), so we use the photos that they send us to form our own conclusions about the future of the streetstyle.

How can anticipate trends with as much anticipation as 2 or 3 years?

As our trends information comes from different sources, we analyze massive amounts of data to identify emerging trends based on our experience of more than one decade following the trend from a front row seat. We then analyze more deeply using our own secret methods to identify definitive trends for the future seasons.

There are more sectors in addition to fashion interested in your forecast?

Yes, we have a wide variety of clients, including purchasing directors, marketing professionals and global brands around the world. Customers choose us for our expertise in correctly predict the fashion and lifestyle trends each season, and by our ability to help them to translate the trends into your own designs and collections.

I’ve seen you offer different reports focusing on different areas (denim, materials, printed…), what kind of industry is interested in each area?

It depends on the client. Denim manufacturers obviously are interested in our themes of denim, but also others such as buyers or marketing personnel may be so interested in this topic as they would be in more generic trends.

How is the exciting work of Trendstop every day of an analyst?

There are not two equal days in, much changes. One day they can pick up trends from past parades while attending a fair or create new themes of fashion for the next season.

A few years ago there was a boom in studies of coolhunting in Spain, it was the profession of fashion, so I find it interesting to know what kind of training have experts who work with you.

All those who work in our central London are experts in their respective fields: studied design in fashion, marketing, journalism, or telecommunications, although it is true that a genuine passion for fashion is vital for a good trendspotting.

A question that I think the forecast of trends is that trends become real because they appear in the forecast. For example, radiant orchid is the color of 2014, but proclaimed it so Pantone, has automatically taken more relevant.

Sometimes Yes. Trendstop has much to say in the direction of the trends of some products that we will see some well known stores. However, our forecasts are based on a detailed and complete search in the latest emerging fashion, so they are designed to be as accurate as possible in any way.

Do can you tell us exclusively any trend of the future for the readers of Jezebel?

You can talk about some colors which will be key in the spring and summer 2015: Atomic Orange and Malachite Green. The metallic tones and jewel charge a new more sophisticated dimension for the coming year.

I hope that you enjoyed the interview and you’ve figured out some interesting thing in the world of forecasting trends thanks to Jaana Jatyri. I also wanted to thank Pilar Valpuesta, Account Manager for Latin America, Portugal and Spain for providing us the interview ( If you want to see how are the Trendstop predictions your app you can download for free. I already have it to stay abreast of the latest trends and fashion shows.