The Look Right: Visual Urban Betting on Twill

The Look Right Visual Urban Betting on Twill

The twill is one of the tissues most men that are there, their appearance oscillates between the rural and the urban, the visual that can be kind of shabby, a touch more rough material, its colors usually vary between the shades autumnal and earthy, make it a fabric great for the clothes of the men who like especially of the casual style. This week we’re talking about a combination of parts where the twill dominates and sets the tone of the production.

The Look Right Visual Urban Betting on Twill

Why does it work?

First, it is good to highlight the versatility of twill in two environments: the urban casual, where its appearance and its texture are ideal for creating looks for both the city and the rural environment, because the twill rustic combines perfectly with the outdoor life, in addition to being a durable fabric and ideal to face bad weather.

The above combination has invested heavily in cotton and in neutral, leaving the jacket double-breasted to give a touch slightly more sophisticated look; the pants role will be in the opposite direction, creating a certain contrast by being a piece clearly stripped-down and utilitarian, and the t-shirt grey blend ensures comfort. It is interesting to note the whim of the author of the look by inserting a handkerchief in the pocket, even in a combo relatively simple. We also highlight the frame glasses round that turned the attention of men in recent seasons.

Try this…

To give even more lightness to the look with a simple white tennis shoes of canvas or leave all the more stylish with an oxford brown medium or a loafer in nubuck coffee. If your style is more aggressive a work boot also fit in this combination.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the blazer for a similar model of tailoring, the visual would continue to cool, but you would lose a little of that verve cool and extremely casual.

In short:

  • Twill combines very well with casual fashion male;
  • It is a fabric that is versatile that travels between the urban environment and the countryside;
  • Its neutral colors make it easy to combination;
  • Classic pieces earn a laidback, when made of twill;
  • Details such as the handkerchief in your pocket to give a touch trendy and sophisticated;
  • Think fondly on the frame glasses round, they are at a high;
  • Complement with sneakers for a visual light and relaxed, or with the shoe for something more elegant;

Tips complementary:

For chubby – care with pockets bulging, prefer the built-in blazer and flat in the position to not add volume to the body. Avoid t-shirts with drawings on the height of the belly or that draws attention to it.

For kids – look for a position with the trim more dry and decrease the contrast between the pieces to lengthen the silhouette. A footwear with a outsole parruda is a good way to add a few inches, but be careful of the beaks very rounded which reduce feet and looks for a color next to jeans.

For the altões – highlight the belt for slicing even more and leave the body less spectaular. Keep the shoes flat or with shoes that are not too pointed items do not have a thick sole.