The Look Right: the Light Tones in the Mixture of the Casual with the Social

Nor is it accurate to say that an outfit in light shades is a smart choice for the summer, especially those who can’t open the shirt, tie and blazer. In this example we have a good idea of how to mix styles in a visual ideal for days a little warmer.

The Look Right the Light Tones in the Mixture of the Casual with the Social

Because it works

The first item that draws attention is the blazer cropped (shorter) in clear tones and with a checkered very discreet, in the same footprint comes the tie and the jeans with a light wash and stylish. Even without being able to see the shoe we can assume that must be an oxford in suede or leather, of course, by following the color of the discreet belt. The detail of the frame of the glasses is also quite interesting, although some do not like hoops colorful.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swap the white shirt for one of any other color or to use jeans, more dark.

Try this…

A tie jeans in a shade a little darker than the pants, or a belt in a canvas blue and white, or simply blue.

In short:

  • In the summer, invest in tones of blue;
  • Blazer cropped leaves look aligned, and cool at the same time;
  • Jeans of course combines with the station, but a washing cool makes the difference
  • Glasses frames differentiated to give a touch more;
  • Wear shoes of soft leather in light shades of brown, camel and beige, the same goes for the belts.