The Graduated Glasses That Match the New Season

Autumn does not necessarily have to be dark, rainy and gloomy. And even if the rain does not give respite and the sun does not appear, there are accessories that transform our look to reflect a totally different state of mind.

The glasses, although they have the main function of helping to see better, are also an accessory to feel more confident and express what is in our soul.

There are glasses-and OPTICALIA promotions-for all tastes and moods, to tease your look in Autumn. Get to know them:


Who says pink only meets Spring or Summer? These Pull & Bear could not be a better choice for irrelevant people and states of soul that are not influenced by meteorology.

In addition to being different and to stand out, first of all, by the strong color, also combine well with warm colors often associated with autumn, such as red, brown or roasted yellow, which is a bonus for your look.


Although simple and discreet in the format, these Mango stand out for the spring imprint that they print to any look, for its original and strong color.

They look just as well with clothes and accessories most associated with cool and winter weather, for their cool color, never failing to give your face a youthful and modern look.


Tigress patterns are fashionable and match any time of the year. These round and discreet Pepe Jeans look great with more vivid and spring colors with warmer, darker, autumn-associated shades.

They are the ideal choice for those who like to be original and give a vintage touch to their look.


And then there are glasses that say’autumn’ in every respect. In warm colors, in the mixture of greens and reddish tones, in cream-colored stems with less prominence.

But the frame of these graduates Custo Barcelona also has its trendy features and its original sparkles, which offer the usually rainy autumn a unique contrast.