A village (bead) near the border with Mozambique

Art and Music in Zimbabwe

Art in Zimbabwe Architecture Traditional homes in Zimbabwe consist of clusters of round camp houses with cone-shaped thatched roofs. Each house consists of one room, which has a specific function, such as bedroom or kitchen. The houses are often nicely decorated with simple geometric patterns, some with symbolic content. Around 1900, bungalows were built for […]

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Zimbabwe flag

Zimbabwe Overview

Zimbabwe is located in southern Africa and borders Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia. The country was formerly called Rhodesia. Britain annexed what was then Southern Rhodesia from The South Africa Company in 1923. During the years 1953-1963, Southern Rhodesia was part of the Central African Federation together with the colonies of Nyasaland (Malawi) and […]

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Mass Media in Eastern Africa

Mass Media in Ethiopia The dominant newspapers in Ethiopia are state controlled, with Addis Zemen (Amharic, founded in 1941, circulation approximately 40,000) and Ethiopian Herald (English, founded in 1943, circulation 37,000) published by the Ministry of Information. The state Ethiopian broadcast started radio broadcasts in 1941. During the military regime, the individual liberation organizations had […]

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Most of the country's electrical power


Zimbabwe, Republic of Africa, inland state bordering South Africa in the south, Botswana in the southwest, Zambia in the northwest and Mozambique in the north and east. The population is predominantly Bantu people. The largest group of people is shona. The second largest is ndebele, who are descendants of Zulus from South Africa. Agriculture employs […]

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