Julius Nyerere

History of Tanzania

Tanzania’s location in geographical proximity to the Arab world and to the countries surrounding the Indian Ocean means that the country has a rich and varied history, with a variety of cultural influences. The story also begins very far back in time. Some of the oldest hominids, early relatives of today’s people, are found in […]

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Tanzania flag

Tanzania Overview

Tanzania is a state in East Africa, on the Indian Ocean. In addition to the mainland, the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia Island are included. In Tanzania is Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro and at the country’s borders are Africa’s three largest lakes, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi. Capital: Dodoma Biggest city: Dar […]

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Mass Media in Eastern Africa

Mass Media in Ethiopia The dominant newspapers in Ethiopia are state controlled, with Addis Zemen (Amharic, founded in 1941, circulation approximately 40,000) and Ethiopian Herald (English, founded in 1943, circulation 37,000) published by the Ministry of Information. The state Ethiopian broadcast started radio broadcasts in 1941. During the military regime, the individual liberation organizations had […]

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Geography of Tanzania

Geologically, Tanzania is mainly made up of Precambrian volcanoes, granites and gneisses that form large plateau masses 800–1500 meters above sea level. The highest areas consist of younger volcanic material. The highland plateau is bounded on the east by the coastal plain, on the west and north by the large East African search group ( […]

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