Morocco Environment

Morocco Environment and Economy

(Al-Mamlakah al-Maghribīyah). State of Northwest Africa (442,311 km², excluding the area of ​​Western Sahara). Capital: Rabat. Administrative division: regions (14). Population: 34,677,478 (2018 estimate). Language: Arabic (official), Berberdialects, French. Religion: Muslims (Sunni 99%, others 1%. Monetary unit: dirham (100 santimat). Human development index: 0.617 (129th place). Borders: Mediterranean Sea (N), Algeria (E and SE), Niger, […]

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Morocco flag

Morocco Overview

Morocco in northwest Africa offers a blissful mix of experiences. Crowded markets, vast beaches, dramatic mountain landscapes and an oriental culture – characterized by both West African, Arab and French traditions. Capital: Discount Biggest city: Casablanca State: monarchy Language: Arabic, French, Berber Religion: Islam Surface: 446 550 km² Population: 32.6 million (2013) Population density: 70 […]

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