Smart of Google Goggles will Have Version Ray-Ban and Oakley

Google has established a partnership with Luxottica, the company responsible for manufacturing the glasses from Ray-Ban and Oakley. The giant search engines knows that it is not enough to create good technology, you have to be able to sell it and rely on brands to promote their wearable equipment seems to be one of the chosen strategies.

The Luxottica will produce some unique rows of glasses that come equipped with the Google Glass. The production company of frames and lenses will also be responsible for the distribution of the sets, and the Mountain View company will only be responsible for the technological part of the frames.

Still isn’t sure when the first retro sunglasses will hit the market, but it is known that the agreement is exclusive for now in the United States. In a statement Google talk at the beginning of a new chapter for the Glass.

The agreement that Google signed with Luxottica will allow in the future the smart glasses can have a presence in about 5 million optics. Can also arise different types of Glass since the manufacturer of frames creates premium versions, sports and casual use.

Partnership with Luxottica comes a week after Google have presented a new project in the field of wearable, Wear, and focus for smart watches us. One of the highlights was for the inclusion of a clockmaker known, the Fossil Group, in the list of first partner companies for the new operating system. This shows that Google is aware that needs to combine the technology mainstream fashion trends.

Apple itself seems to be following a similar trend, not through partnerships, but through signings. In the year 2013 the Apple brand hired two big names from the fashion world: the former ceo of Yves-Saint Laurent and the former leader of Burberry.

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