Scuderia Ferrari Colection at the Glass Factory of Cacém

The world’s most well-known eyeglass brand joins the iconic Formula 1 team, the Scuderia Ferrari team, on and off the track.  Ray-Ban is thus the latest sponsor of Ferrari’s Formula One team. The two weight brands combine their passion, tradition and innovation to create something unique: a capsule collection of sunglasses.

Ray-Ban thus raises its design and technology, a new challenge to respond to the performance and adrenaline of formula 1 race tracks.

The capsule collection is characterized by the Ferrari’s aerodynamic design, materials and iconic colors: Ferrari’s bright red, metals and black rubber racing cars featured in a collection of eyeglasses. The lenses are made of carbon fiber, very lightweight. The frames are composed of steel, combined with rubber that absorbs impacts, all to give the best performance to the user. A special box was also developed for this collection.

At Cacém Glasses Factory we always have the latest news at the best prices. If you are curious about this capsule collection”Scuderia Ferrari Colection”, know that you can find it in our optics. So that you can ride equipped with the sunglasses that will give you the best performance.