Not You Remove Eye to Yellow, This Season Comes with Force

Lemon, Canary, mustard… There are many ways to define to the Yellow and the truth is that this new season Spring-summer 2014 We will have to get that tone will continue to present one more year. So much so that the signatures of half the world is they rush to show their proposals so we, of the foot of the street, we can adapt to our way of being. Whether in dress, blazer, jersey or skirt. How want you to look?

And the truth is that a mi comes me from Pearl, as I am very fan of this color and I love how feel with skin gilded by the Sun. That is why, whenever I can I do me with a garment in this key, which this year will not buy anything… Or Yes. If you are one of them that still has not crushed, this year you have your second chance.

  • Blazer with ruching at the shoulders of Zara, 39.95 EUR.
  • Long satin skirt of Mango, 29.99 euros.
  • Long sleeve dress of Zara, 39.95 EUR.
  • Jersey type canale’s Topshop, 50 euros.