Look With Bangagem Skirt And Striped T-SHIRT

WHEN I passed through the Brás via a store with super beautiful clothes, but never touched it was a plus size store. The Minerale has produced plus size fashion four years ago and I found the nice clothes, so I was very pleased with the gifts that the store sent me. Today I will show the first look, which is striped bandage skirt and t-shirt. You know I love these cute and colorful stuff, so I was charmed by the print tee that has patches suuper coloridinhos and grey mix with black and white–Needless to say gray is my color of the moment, right? Hahahaha …

I love gray with black, white and red and that was the game of colors that bet to compose this look that is very casual, but has a super fashion footprint. Striped bandage skirt is a firm fabric that wears well and is not transparent, you know? I thought the skirt very good and detail her cross in barred is beautiful. The t-shirt is really hot mesh: will drop right in the summer too!

Look with bangagem skirt and striped t-shirt

I loved this detail on the skirt. Surely a more collaborates to Heartattackskirts. The stripes are high as ever and you shouldn’t be afraid to use that skirt, for example, because she was white. If you’re a belly like me, use with a compridinha blouse that masquerades as well. These skirts are beautiful and really nice to compose looks varied. I love it!

Like this look with striped bandage skirt and t-shirt? I like a lot of these simple productions and flowers because makes you stylish for the day to day without need. The Plus Size Minerale is on Rua Casemiro de Abreu, 399 in Brás, São Paulo. The phones in the store are (11) 2692-7406 and (11) 95659-2952.