Join The Trenka as Does Jessica Alba

At this point I have already talked about all styles incurred coats and have take this autumn/winter 2013, but it was us one, the trenka, and taking advantage of the look of Jessica Alba, Let’s see some models that can be found now in the stores and discounted!

During the days that Jessica Alba has been in New York and taking into account the cold quehace in the Big Apple these past few weeks, the choice of the trenka (and a few more layers) was your best choice.

In stores you can find some trenka Alba-style models as this first, in black and grey tweed with hair in the hood that has been reduced from 119,39 to 59,70 EUR. Another option, in camel that also cost 119,39 and now is reduced to 75,15 euros or if want a different color, this Trenka in green forest It is on sale at Urban Outfitters and has been reduced from 163 to 39 EUR.