How to Wear Embroidery Jeans on a Day-to-Day Basis?


Formerly, jeans were used more to make basic day-to-day looks and were almost always forgotten in the wardrobe. Today it takes to the streets and in almost tendency that appears he is in the middle. Jeans are wild when we talk about creating looks full of attitude and style.

One trend that emerged recently is the embroidered jeans, super charming and gives that up in the visual. Just choose a few basic items and complete with the embroidered jeans that he takes care of making the production flawless.

If you also want to bet, we will leave here 5 tips of looks to wear the embroidered jeans day by day. Let’s check it out?

5 Stylish Ways To Wear Embroidery Jeans

1-Embroidered Jeans Skirt+Flowing Shirt

Here you can use your imagination and increase the look with the most varied accessories. Take a look at how to mount:

Choose an embroidered denim skirt with front buttons, high waist and very light wash. Combine with a lightly woven white fabric shirt and finish the look with a platform and nude. If you want, you can choose a color to invest in the heel and the bag.

2-Embroidered Jeans+T-Shirt+Sneaker

For the day to day has no better combination. A comfortable and stylish look for anyone to fault.

Choose a straight jeans embroidered with the bar folded and wash well clarinha.Choose a gray or white T-shirt to match and complete the look with a sneaker.

3-Embroidered Cropped Jeans+Body

High waist and body, this is a perfect combination that you can also wear during the day to day. See also:

Choose a cropped high waist jeans and side embroidery. Combine with a basic black body and wear a black belt to mark the waist. The shoe, you can bet on an Oxford or scarpin in black color. Do not forget the black bag to close with a golden key.

4-Straight Jeans+Shoulder-To-Shoulder Blouse

Shoulder-to-shoulder neckline is still super pumping, now in winter you will also see shoulder-to-shoulder neckline in long-sleeved sweaters. An option to match the embroidered denim, see:

Choose a straight jeans with embroidery on the legs and higher waist. Combine with a black blouse with a long-sleeved shoulder-to-shoulder neckline. On the feet, bet on a thicker black heel boot and a black shoulder bag.

5-Embroidered Denim Shirt+Black Legging

A super fashion combo that you can enjoy using in this next cool season. You can choose an oversized embroidered jeans shirt to create that cool overlay.

Choose an embroidered jeans shirt, it may even have a slight destroyed. Combine with a black legging, a black boot also black and finish with a black shoulder bag.

The combinations are endless, you can bet on the light print, the striped and also choose a light color of the embroidery and invest in the other pieces of the look.But the most unobtrusive combination you have is choosing pieces of unique and classic color like black and white.

Be sure to have several different models of embroidered jeans, the trend is fantastic and you can create a charming look to use everyday. Liked? Share it!