How to Combine Bib Pants

How to Combine Bib Pants

Before talking to you about “how to combine the culotte pants”, I will tell what I will do when there is a very fashionable garment that I love. I like to follow fashion, but not because it is something more trendy possible, it means that you should have it in my wardrobe. Usually when I see a garment that is too top-sales, I analyze it before succumbing to it.

How to Combine Bib Pants

The first thing I do… look if it is for my (my body, my kind of wardrobe type), then analyze the available models that can sit better and finally I think if I can or not to live with the fact, go out and meet some mami in the cole or blogger in an event carrying the same garment that I…

Done this exercise, highly recommended. By the way, if everything is positive, I put myself in finding bib pants while I carefully study the looks I see on Instagram and fashion blogs that I follow to determine the do’s and don’ ts of this trend…

* This exercise also did with the dancers lace-up, and I still have not bought them…

We start saying that it is a bib pants, if you still don’t have it too clear…

What are shorts pants?

They are high-waisted pants, very similar to the pallazo but cutting midi (to crotch), wide… sometimes so wide that they may be confused with a skirt.

How to combine tight pants?

The idea is to compensate the volume, if it is very wide, ideally combined with one piece fitted up, from shirts to the working girl, passing through tops bright for night, crop tops or t-shirts to look more relaxed.

What shoes to wear with shorts pants?

If you’re short or medium stature, don’t be afraid to wear them but always with stilettos, sandals, or heels that leave the instep of your foot, clear to achieve all we want, visibly extending our legs.

With sneakers or athletic shoes, probably they not you styling, but I recognize that it is a combination of fabulous, carefree and very effortless chic. The same with an (male) oxford type shoes or some dancers.. .the comfort above all!

They braided sandals (lace-up) are also ideal, and very favorable, except if your ankles are too thick, because crosswise trouser will inevitably see your ankles more thin.

With the tractor shoes and booties, pants shorts are spectacular for it is the ideal choice for the fall. But I would say that they are the most risky, the first could make you look disproportionate (if you have thin legs), and the second, shorten any type of figure if you do not get a monochromatic look.

If you need to measure the distance between your knees and ankles, if you’re too high, your hips are not your favorite part of your body, only you will be able to decide if they like you but not bib pants when you look at yourself in the mirror… and they get more “like” when you look in the mirror, when you feel great inside and out!

Having said all that, I prepare my card, my fingers and start to surf the Internet in search of the shorts to pants that best suits my style and my wardrobe.