How to Be High, the 5 Keys to Success

How to Be High, the 5 Keys to Success

If you wonder how to be tall or would like to know how to grow more, I give you 5 keys so that you learn to look taller. Many times we go to the closet and we do not know what clothes to choose.

How to Be High, the 5 Keys to Success

So if this happens to you, do not worry because today in demodaybelleza you will learn to take advantage of all the clothes you have in the closet, to look a few inches taller. We started.

How to Be Tall?

We always like to have what we do not have. If you are brunette, you would like to be blonde or redheaded and vice versa. If you are not very tall you would like to be taller. And luckily, the latter is possible. Today in demodaybelleza we tell you how to be tall, without wearing heels.

You just have to know to take advantage of your wardrobe and get the maximum potential for your clothes, because with a few simple tricksyou will look very different and everyone will ask if you have grown up.

Tips for Learning How to Be Tall

#1 Do Not Wear Garments of the Same Color, the Key to How to Be High

The first of the tricks is to avoid wearingmonocolor looks, since it will not favor you at all. However if you opt for a two-color set, you will accentuate your waist much more and yourlegs will look much longer. That’s why we say that this trick is the key to being tall. Marking your waist is simple wearing clothes of different color. Try it and you will see!

As you can see in the pictures, in the first picture we see that the legs appear shorter than in the second. Just marking your waist with garments of  different color . Now you know how to be tall, it’s very simple and you can start trying it from now on.

#2 Shirt/T-Shirt inside the Pants or Skirt

This second trick is to introduce the shirt insidethe pants or skirt. This will further enhance your waist and boost your legs gaining a few inchesvisually . Do you see the difference in the image?Now if you wonder how to be tall , you already have two tricks that you can not miss in your day to day.

#3 Wide Pants always Picked up

As we say in the title, this trick is to roll your pants a little when they are wide. The wide garments remove a couple of centimeters in height and give them horizontal. That’s why you have to be careful with this type of garments. If we fold the wide pants, we will remove a few inches to our outline to give them visually to ourheight.

In addition, the wide t-shirts help to cover up some michelín but they really do not favor you at all if your idea is to appear higher. Since the wide garments visually shrink the figure. So forget about them if your goal is to be high. If you are one of those who can not be without wide shirts, it is best to insert it inside the pants.

What do you think the difference?

#4 Open Shoes, the Secret Formula of How to Be High

The shoes play a more important role than they appear. We must be careful what kind of shoeswe use if we want to gain height. Not always towear heels we seem taller but using a suitable type of heel we can even be taller than those that carry much more heel than we. Do you knowhow to be tall with a suitable shoe?

The key is to wear heels or shoes without any buckle or rope on the instep. As long as the instep is free, let’s get the most potential out of our legs. However if you bet on sandals or shoes with straps or with some kind of clog in the instep, this will block your leg, making it shorter than it might seem.

Do you see the difference in the image?

If you love those striped sandals, you can check out this tutorial, so that you learn to choose your strip sandals that make you look taller.

#5 Mark the Waist Is the Basis of How to Be High

This is the most important trick and the basis of all the previous tricks. It is key to mark the waist, and although I have already told you how to do it in different ways, the use of the belt is another of these. The belt will visually mark your waist and visually your legs will start from the waist. That’s why they will seem much longerthan they are. Do you see the difference in the image?

I hope you liked the guide of how to be high, you leave the tutorial video so you can watch it for faster and visual. Do not forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel to always be connected to our news.

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