How Difficult Is It Always Rania at Other Queens

The Queen Rania of Jordan It has come to Brussels to prepare for the International Conference that will be held on Feb. 4 in London to try to redirect the Syrian refugee crisis. Yesterday, its counterpart, the Queen Matilde of Belgium received in Palace with honors from head of State.

As it was a working visit, Rania went to the appointment with a beautiful warm Cross wrap Beige, with curious Pink brushstrokes on bass, on the sleeves and back, that closed with three large covered buttons of the same fabric to match a few salons and a Fendi bag a shade lighter.

Flaps shelter v allowed to see carrying under one shirt Silk lacing in a discreet and elegant color dusty pink bat, and one leather skirt a Brown dark Aubergine. Both the skirt and bag already has saw them when visited Madrid.

As always, the spouse of King Abdallah II was discreet and elegant with the loose hair hairstyle with soft curls, but retired the side by two invisible hairpins.

Have always said that comparisons are odious, but beside the Queen Matilda going too Homespun, and never better said! Her gray skirt game with a turquoise blouse that had placed a silver estrechito belt to make it a little more marked waist seemed rescued from the bottom of her wardrobe.