Family Simpson Are Offers of Fashion, Are You Going to Let Carry by The Fever Yellow?

Ouch! That’s what I would say Homer Simpson If he learns that his family is in fashion and are portrayed in many cool items. Or perhaps the We caught good humor and does a hop in the air screaming Yuhu!. Who knows, but the truth is that a softheaded day somebody, have it so the craziest of all time family You can help us dress and break the monotony. Benedicto!

As it could not be otherwise, the most famous salad of all time has already become diligent to this print, and although Cara Delevingne He was among the first to wear its clothing, Chiara has been done with all stocks.

From t-shirts, passing through jackets, sweaters and bags for mobile phone (as well as key rings that decorate its) Balenciaga bag). I too much? Nothing is too Italian for more posh.

Although it doesn’t surprise us that the girl has invaded cabinet by yellow fever, He was to visit the studios of 20th Century Fox and they regaled him with all the products incurred and for having. So it is not very difficult to understand the why of things…

I believe that I will soon begin to greet with a Hello, Wow vecinito.