Enviewed to Better Clothing?

What is the use of knowing how to iron a shirt if you do not know how to fold it?

The folding of a shirt is an art, which requires a little training to be well mastered. Here is a video that we have made especially to help you learn how to fold a shirt properly.

This is our origami time of the week!

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Enviewed to Better Clothing 2

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Take 1m 29 To Learn How To Fold A Shirt!

9 Steps To Fold A Shirt Properly

  1. Button the shirt! It is impossible to fold a unbuttoned shirt according to Pharmacylib.
  2. Place the shirt freshly ironed on a flat surface (ideally an ironing board), the buttonhole facing the board.One can also say “put the shirt on the belly”, but it is less chic !!
  3. Then,smooth the shirt with your hands to avoid creases that might remain when folding. It’s time to stroke your shirt!Sensuality …
  4. Most technical time:
    1. Place yourmiddle finger and index finger along the collar , then grab the shoulder of the shirt with your thumb while you hold the bottom of the shirt with the other hand. (It’s much simpler to understand in video!).
    2. Fold the shirt panon itself, keeping the two fingers apart at the collar. Make sure that the fold is parallel to the groove for symmetrical folding.
  5. For the round,go back there as on the video (still a hardly descriptive moment, we leave you watch!). Do not forget to fold the surplus tissue under the armpit to avoid having a false crease. This is the little secret that should never be forgotten!
  6. Repeat step 5 for the second part of the shirt, being careful not to unfold the first part!
  7. At this point, you should get a symmetrical shirt with well-folded sleeves in the back (as you see on the video).
  8. Now is the time tofold the shirt in two or three choices, placing your hand at the place where you will fold to break the shirt in the right place.
  9. Once folded,turn the shirt upside down , and you’re done! Easy is not it?