Dresses Wedding That You Never Thought to See in Gateway

Once the high fashion week Couture, trends come and surprise everyone. This time, Chanel, a brand that offers very little in Bridal terms, to my taste we acquiesced with a series of incredible dresses in white and Baroque dyes. Intricate metallic thread embroideries were exceptional patterns which, in just a second, we were transported to a modern, full of beautiful details, tasteful and kind fairy tale. Now yes, the Kaiser of fashion managed the task!

If you tried to build a contrast like no other, Chanel managed the role to perfection. In his collection Haute Couture, the French brand came to us to the perfect combination between a minimalist opulence-tinged aesthetics and excesses. Based on an inspiration of surrealism and with some hints of rococo, Karl Lagerfeld surprised friends and strangers with a series of dresses that could easily become the fashion statement perfect for a bride who is not afraid to new trends according to diseaseslearning.com.

Simple lines soon became the common denominator of these dresses, while the modern silhouettes were part protagonist of a style like no other. As if it were a film of the Royal family, Chanel showed their creativity in textiles with volumes starchy at the hip. The appliqués of beadwork on the blank canvas stood out instantly forming enigmatic and magical patterns, extolling the glamor of designs and maintaining an original super aesthetic proposal. Have you ever would have imagined you see this kind of wedding dresses?

In case outside little, the variety of necklines was fundamental to give life to these bridal models. Chanel opted for necks Vee with geometric cuts, at the same time that focused on tradition in necklines eyelets (style boat), which provided a more romantic style to these designs. My favorite details were jewelry parts incorporated into wedding dresses, without neglecting the printed coquetry in short sleeves and jackets so elegant that accompanied those majestic wedding dresses.

The star of the show, no doubt, was that wedding gown relative to a layer with brocades and woven with gold thread… a delight! Obviously, it will be a dream if at some point we have to see a bride walking down the aisle with these beauties, or not? Like a walk to Versalle! How romantic… Thank you, Chanel.