Dressed in Jeans on the Runway Trend Re-Emerges

Wear pants on dress forms an unusual combination, par excellence, the dress is made to leave the legs free. But, despite the controversy, the bet that was hit in the years 1990 promises to return in summer 2014-and are the walkways which attest.

In the last SPFW, which happened last month, several designers showed dresses with pants, cropped model (the one with the short bar). Out of the walkways, famous like Emma Watson and Michele Obama have shown that you can use the trend on the street, Yes. Will the fashion handle?

Adventist Woman: No! I’m not ‘against’. With decency and taste all clothes have the your place. And of course a dress over a pair of jeans can be a decent clothes, and, in some cases, of good taste too (let’s say there are some combinations that do not need to leave the runway right? But there’s no accounting for taste). I think it is important that only one caveat. Not everything that is decent and good taste is suitable to be used in the House of God. Explain: you can have a nice Sweatshirt for bed, decent, nice and comfortable, but it’s not him you must appear before God on Saturday morning. Nor is long skirt and shirt which you must lie down to sleep every night. Everything your place. Since I moved to southern Brazil have noticed that in some churches the sisters do not care to go to the Church of trousers and even shorts. In some cases, start wearing the pants leggings underneath the dress, which soon becomes a windbreaker and, within some time, a shirt a little smaller. I’ve witnessed dozens of sisters dressed like that in Church, with the legs out covered only by legging. To what extent is that appropriate? I remember reading in some Adventist blog, last year was almost a kind of legging pantyhose thus unsuited to be used anyway in the Church. I agree. And here, in the context of the post I would best prevent wear a dress with pants in church than begin to naturalize the idea of going to church dressed in pants. Seek God of wisdom and discernment to us dress appropriately at all times. I’ve used this text here, and I quote him: “Christians must not bother to become object of strangeness by dressing differently from the world. But if, in harmony with your faith and duty in relation to your modest costume and healthy, they come out, shouldn’t change your way of dressing to be similar to the world. Must, however, express a noble independence and moral courage to be correct, even though everyone of them differ. If the world to introduce a modest clothing fashion, convenient and healthy, that is according to the Bible, it’s not going to change our relationship with God or with the world, we adopt this clothing fashion. Should Christians follow Christ, conforming your costume with the word of God. Must escape the extremes. Should humbly follow a rectilinear procedure, independent of applause or censorship, and should cling to what is right, by simple merits of law.” Selected messages, vol. 2, p. 476, and 477.