Celtic Jewelry with Precious Stones Myself Tinker

Would you simply tinker is in the Celtic style our site? Celtic jewelry making is not difficult!
I love Ireland and the Celtic style. He is so elegant and decorative. The Celtic knots are very popular. There’s always a pattern in which gobbled up and down it goes. The symbolism of this node has been lost over time. It gives me always the impression of connection and infinity.

You can of course even those nodes with wire but stone beads world has made it easy for you. We have several beautiful pendant and spacer with a Celtic look. This very simply make a nice necklace, earrings or a great bracelet.
These parts are very nice to the combine. There are infinite possibilities with stone beads and the Celtic look. The color green fits very well, so green our site, Jasper or agate. Black Pearl Onyx are also just fine to the combine.

The chain is below a commissioned work. It is made of Unakite beads, a fine grounding stone.

Celtic Jewelry – Making Chain

In principle, it’s easy to make a chain. The trailer and the spacers can be easy to chain.

The parts are well made and the eye is not too coarse. So, just attach and continues with thread or with a Suede band. The trailer is already eye-catcher and needs no further embellishment. I made this necklace with double velour Ribbon and 5 mm hood Pearl used one to ensure that the beads didn’t slip up on the eye. So I think it’s beautiful. Make sure that the hood beads from the trailer are the same distance. Now, they look like normal beads according to beautygenerate.
This chain is also as a handcraft kits available, but only as long supplies last!