Bras Basah 3D Print

American lingerie brand uses 3D printing technology to create its Bras, in order to provide better support for people with large breasts.

Since 3D printing is available at tou•tes, it ceases to serve to new entrepreneurs, who are surfing on this new technology to offer modern and innovative products to their client•e•s.

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In this area, fashion not has not spent his turn, since many brands have already used this process, especially to create clothing and accessories more or less care.But the claw Trusst Lingerie decided to make this new useful technology on a daily basis, especially for people with big breasts!

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If you have large breasts, you probably have a hard time finding Bras that properly maintain your chest, as the ‘classic’ brands of lingerie are not necessarily at the level point sizes.

A year and a half ago, Trusst decided to use 3D printing to offer to its clients a prototype of BRA-after 300 tests-which keeps the teuteutes of substantial size better than others (I love that phrase), weighs too much on the back or shoulders, and don’t hold on the level of the sternum.

In addition, Trusst Lingerie uses with special stretch fabrics, allowing maximum comfort, blocking movements. Of course, the technique and the exact composition of the material are kept secret, in order to avoid the copy.

For now, the brand has yet many choices in its models, but offers a wide range of bra sizes through Writingles, ranging from the 85F to 110G.

The snag? Again and again the price… As these items are not commonplace-and that in addition they offer a special technology-it will cost quite a sesterces to get them: between $ 100 and $ 130 for a bra (between € 90 and € 117).

Downs, them, are much less expensive, and cost all $ 20 (or approximately € 18)!