Books about Menswear: 46 Best Books of Fashion for Men

Books about Menswear 46 Best Books of Fashion for Men

If you are visiting this site, you are likely to enjoy reading and learning about fashion for men. Remembering that fashion is not just clothing: it is history, art, culture, sociology, psychology, consumerism, marketing, etc. A good book on men’s fashion continues to be an excellent source of knowledge about all this.

Books about Menswear 46 Best Books of Fashion for Men

Some, they talk about how to dress well. The main function of these books is to give practical advice to a man to improve your clothing. These books tend to talk about the classic fashion.

After that, a variety of books for people with an interest in the more. Those who want more to learn to dress well. These include history books, as well as several titles “academic”. In this category are also books focused on specific niches. Some publications come to explore the technical side, revealing behind-the-scenes.

The largest category has books that are little more than sets of photographs. The good illustrated books capture something that the categories mentioned above fail: the style is much more than being able to select clothes for well-made, and choose as well as combine them.

There is an intangible quality on which is attractive and portrayed in these books is not only the result of a good photograph. There are men who share the same tailor and buy the same products, but some simply wear the clothes better than others.

It is good to have a few illustrated books for us to remember not to be too closed mind when it comes to men’s fashion. There is a lot written about the combination of patterns and color coordination, but very little about the way we use what we do.

Another set of books as well legal are those that speak of the role of clothing in society. Maybe it’s because dressing well has a little bit of art, not just science. Many men who wear are far coordinations own your time, don’t buy expensive clothes, do not follow trends and does not have physical attributes pleasing.

Below I will list some books about menswear, divided by categories!

Practical guides on men’s fashion

If you just want to learn to dress well and is not interested in the “subject” men’s fashion, there are three books really good that is worth having.

The best books of men’s fashion in this category are:

Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion

Many consider this book the guide of rules is not the official menswear classic. The guide Allan Flusser is also quite historic and well related to the dandificação of formal clothing. The style of writing may seem a little pretentious and didactic, but that the encyclopedia of men’s fashion will give you the tools you need to maintain an intelligent conversation about men’s fashion.

In practice it may not be much use to anyone who is not quite a classic. That book is very beautiful but much more conservative that is primarily concerned with tailoring. You will find all the principles and rules of menswear “old school”, including illustrations of classic cuts correct, tables that list the properties of fabrics seasonal and diagrams that explain the rules of mixing prints.