Book-Tip: So You Keep Right Clothing

When the first cold days remind us that winter is coming, the time is again really bring the wardrobe into shape. When you have to actually have no desire, then I might have a tip for you: read the book “system to a good style – at last order in the wardrobe” by Elika Gibbs. In this book, the shopping adviser from England, which also is called “Practical Princess” writes about everything you need to know about storing clothes. In addition, the book is so beautifully done that you probably highly motivated to implement immediately all the tips.

I have read the book already over a year ago in the original English version and was thrilled. The subtitle of the book is as much as “Declutter your closet remodel it, change your life” in English. In fact, it is of course mostly exactly the other way around: yourself and your life circumstances change and suddenly fit the clothes in your closet no longer to your life. The same thing happens when the weather gets colder. Even then, rethinking and to styling is announced. High time to begin the Decluttering according to¬†

The book will accompany you during the entire process of clearing out and select the contents of the closet, about the secondary exploitation of screened clothing up to the purchase of missing pieces for your basic wardrobe. Heart but is the Guide on how correctly keep the different items of clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. This chapter is packed with useful tips on how to properly fold, roll or hang and remarks which you can practically use coat hangers, storage boxes and other AIDS. The whole are supplemented by recommendations, repel moths, for example, as you, or packing the best bags.

Elika Gibbs knows. For years, maps and archives it the huge dress archives of their wealthy clients. In addition, she advises them how they increase their basic wardrobe makes sense and accompanies them during the purchase. Gibbs is a real self-made business woman. Since it began with an evening dress rental, the single mother has achieved a lot. Today, she sells also the resource for a closet child under their brand name “practical Princess” . Hangers, storage boxes, or label systems – all utensils, which are described in the book can be ordered online.

Visually, the book has succeeded. It sums up well, contains beautiful photos and is fairly fast read. At the end I could wait to make my wardrobe once again Flash bright and clear. A freshly scented, sorted according to colour Cabinet is simply gorgeous!

If you got to feel like now: the book practical Princess perfect wardrobe: declutter and Re-jig your closet to transform your life (Engl., affiliate link) or with system to good style: finally right in the closet (German, affiliate link) you can find at Amazon.