Belvest SS12

Costume Fashion has in recent years focused much around Italy. Manufacturer Boglioli and LBM 1911 has introduced a style where unlined jackets weighs as little as the shirt you are wearing underneath. One of many less known manufacturers who come to redefine Italian style with its modern tailoring the Padova-based Belvest.

Already in 1996 launched Belvest its concept “Jacket in the Box”. A collection of jackets that were completely stripped from the inner lining and a soft design that allowed the jackets could be packed into a suitcase. According to many, this was the start of the trend we now see the culmination of the unlined and deconstructed jackets.

What distinguishes Belvest many other is that even if the mark jackets have minimal construction so is the silhouette somewhat more structured towards the example above Boglioli. Mark signature model “Giacca svuotata” (translated deflated jacket) has a gently rolled and selected axis, creating a very elegant yet natural feel. Below is a selection of the brand’s spring collection.