Bearskin: Hot Fashion Hat for Winter

Bearskin Hot Fashion Hat for Winter 1

It was originally used by the military of the Red Army to protect themselves from the general winter, which in both slopes of the Ural Mountains is particularly hard. Later, the bearskin was also used by the people of Russia, Armenia and Turkey and Afghanistan after being “launched” by the respective armies that have made him a fashion .

Bearskin Hot Fashion Hat for Winter 1

This stylish resort to warm headgear, with his hair and with earmuffs, has gradually taken hold in the rest of Europe where – with appropriate adaptations – became a hat ” à la page ” not only on the alpine ski slopes but also in the shopping streets of the Italian cities, especially those in the north of the Apennines where the cold is most felt.

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Bearskin Hot Fashion Hat for Winter 2

About adaptations are of course missing the logos of various military armies, the inner hair became softer, the colors have become more elegant and the total volume was made less, so you can easily slip in your pocket or handbag.

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The fur hat is also a garment that is resistant to changes in fashion: while shoes, hairstyles, handbags, skirts and dresses are an indication of the times and evolve year after year, this hat has remained unchanged over time, so that even the “divine “Greta Garbo used it in scenes of some films set in Tsarist Russia. After her, even Anna Magnani, Sandra Milo, Shirley Maclaine and even Queen Elizabeth with the late lamented Princess Diana wore during the filming of the movies or on the occasion of official visits in cold countries.

Bearskin Hot Fashion Hat for Winter 3

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The fashion of the bearskin therefore came up to today’s catwalks to the film set, or to social events where the look is part of the show. From Angelina Jolie to Claudia Schiffer, from Grace Jones to Jessica Alba to Kate Moss led all elegantly this winter headgear that, in certain cases, as an accessory to protect against low temperatures has become a kind of ornament on which most of the designers have had a hand in making it more or less visible and usable even if you do not farela night guard in a military barracks in the heart of Siberia.