Knowledge and Culture in Uganda

Oral storytelling traditions are strong in Uganda. Among other things, this has manifested itself in a varied theater scene. Theater is used in many contexts, and in Kampala there is a national theater scene. Key playwrights are John Ruganda, Robert Serumaga and Murray Carlin. Well-known authors from Uganda are Okot p’Bitek, Moses Isegawa, Monica Arac […]

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Mass Media in Nigeria

Nigerian media is considered free and independent and seeks to expose corruption and delinquency. Over 100 independent media have been registered. But journalists operate under difficult conditions. Radio is the main source of news for most, followed by television, social media and newspapers. Radio and TV Radio is the most important news source in Nigeria […]

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Mass Media in Libya

Libya’s media image has changed dramatically in the 21st century, partly as a result of the political upheaval and partly because of the technological changes. After the Libya war in 2011, when the old regime led by Muammar al-Gaddafi was overthrown, the country is divided into areas controlled by rival governments and militia groups. The […]

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Mass Media in Egypt

Egypt’s leading role, politically and culturally, in the Arab world is reflected in the country’s media landscape, which is considered the region’s largest and most influential. In the 2000’s, this hegemony has to some extent been challenged by new entrants and especially satellite-based television stations, such as Al Jazeera (Qatar) and Al Arabiya (Saudi Arabia). […]

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Mass Media in Eastern Africa

Mass Media in Ethiopia The dominant newspapers in Ethiopia are state controlled, with Addis Zemen (Amharic, founded in 1941, circulation approximately 40,000) and Ethiopian Herald (English, founded in 1943, circulation 37,000) published by the Ministry of Information. The state Ethiopian broadcast started radio broadcasts in 1941. During the military regime, the individual liberation organizations had […]

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