Ask Manolo: Motivated Brand of Clothing?

In my view, be elegantly dressed and handsome, dressed in designer clothes are two different things. I think in particular that hm has among the best looking clothing range and as a student fits me excellent prices. But it is the truth that the marks are not entirely unimportant, and then to my question: what item of clothing/accessories are most important to have märkesgrejjer of? 
Sincerely, Joel

Hi Joel,
I’d even suggest to be stylish dressed generally don’t have with designer clothes making.Certainly it is easy to be trendy if you always buy the latest from specific brands, but style and Trendiness are not synonyms. Style is also a whole and cannot be purchased by shopping for complete skyltdockeutstyrslar according to

The short answer to your question would be that it is actually quite unimportant what in your outfit that is and is not a designer garment or a märkesaccessoar. At the same time, there are many different values in a garment or an accessory that not only can be expressed on a price tag. The most important value is your feeling to wear the product. A carefully selected and lavish product can clearly give a feeling of well-being and if it is the icing on the cake in your outfit, it can be well worth the investment.

If we disregard the quality aspect-though it can be said that the brand clothes is more tailored and refined than others, this is not a universal rule-there are other sides to take into account. One reason for the higher price of a garment can be produced under better conditions than a mass-produced garments. This requires some background knowledge to determine.

In addition to the feeling of carrying the product and how well produced it is can also be any sustainability taking into account. A piece of clothing or an accessory that they paid dearly for, one is generally even more scared about, which also allows you to prolong its life. I myself have, for example, a Marc Jacobs sweater that I always hand wash and a pair of hand-made Oxford shoes that I take care of meticulously. This makes me troligtivs will be able to use them for a much longer period than similar pieces in my wardrobe.

If you feel that you can afford a few brand-name products, I would recommend that you put the money in the first place on accessories. As a rule, these use considerably more often and for more clothing, which makes them faster and more often worth the investment can give you the pleasant feeling that means wearing an elaborate product. Sunglasses and watch are both good examples, while the bags perhaps rather is something you want to have some options to vary. So even shoes.

I myself have chosen to spend extra money on the sunglasses I bought for summer. A pair of Dior Homme that’s very discreetly marked on this page. I myself am quite conservative when it comes to brand exposure. When it comes to clothing, I want to highlight the costumes, uddakavajer and your dress shoes as the one to bet on. A well made suit or elaborate shoes jackets the most when it comes to feeling to wear them.