Are Padded Bras Bad for Your Health

Since your puberty, you fantasize about large breasts. You did everything: massage, watch them for hours, invoke the genie of the lamp… Nothing worked! Since you think your push-up is your best friend, when in fact it is quite the opposite. Effect between false breasts, sweating and their exorbitant price, it’s time to say stop! Here are 11 good reasons to abandon your padded bra.

The push-up, the enemy of your social life

  • Their cushions contain any perspiration

Already you sweat in a basic bra, remember that the pads have in your push-up, increase your sweating. Your chest is literally drowning in your #glamour sweat.

  • You do not feel any sensation

You could hang with a three-ton, you do not feel. Moreover, even when your partner caress your chest, you do not realize. One tip, do not go into a china shop, you would be like an elephant.

  • They give the impression that you have a fake chest

You might have small breasts, but they are ravishing, while a push-up created a ‘fake boobs’ effect. No one is fooled. Forget cotton, padding … Assume your chest! And if you doubt it, take example on Vanessa Paradis or Jane Birkin to their small breasts that have never been a problem.

  • None of your clothes will you

You can not wear any piece close to the body because the more padding spring. In the end, you feel that your breasts are deformed or worse, that you do not know you dress.

Your breasts will want to separate your bra

  • Your nipples are about to say “hello” to everyone

Your push-up does not completely encompass your chest, while the padded shells leave enough space for your breasts to get their noses out. Want to suggest good, but not too much away.

  • This is the Grand Canyon between your bra and your breasts

The space between your chest and your bra is so broad, you might drop a hot dog on each side.The worst part is that when you wear it, you see the brand shells over your shirt. Result, you want to appear to have a strong chest, but it takes your hand in the bag (oops).

  • Your chest is traumatized

Normally, late in the day your breasts are happy to regain their freedom , but now they have more strength. I must tell you that when you imprison sports bra for running in your push-up, they feel like a character from Orange is the new black. Do not be surprised if one day you hear them sing “freedom”.

The padded bras, not easy to take

  • They are super expensive (mostly)

Why pay a fortune when you can get the same result with a good DIY? Remember Keira Knightley in King Arthur , she carefully slid the chicken breasts into his chest to make it look bigger.Hopefully your partner enjoys the chicken, because otherwise you will have the malignant air.

  • Undocumented straps flee

You wanted to be in this sublime  little black dress trend , but your push-up became the trunk.Between the weight of the padding, fake breasts and chest effect that threatens to escape, you’re not spoiled. The worst ? Surely when your friends have pointed out to you that you had lost “something”.

  • They are less convenient to clean

Wondering constantly, “Is that the cushions can wash?”. Result, you put all of your bra to the machine, but the padding is distorted.