And You, Do ProhibirÍAs Cell Phones at Your Wedding?

No one doubts it: cell phones have become an essential part of our lives. And is that with the Smartphones make and receive calls has gone into the background: now these devices allow us to be active in social networks, write to us with our contacts, take photos and share them… and, practically, do anything with a couple of clicks.

So important it has become to share photos of everything that we do that many have come to us to ask: If not the personalised or share on Instagram, really were there? We think it quite natural to publicize our moments of intimate with hundreds of followers, although perhaps not we would recognize most if us substantiate with them in the street. Weddings, events “instagrameables” par excellence, are no exception according to Writingles.Com.

Have you ever spent you that talks with someone, and instead of seeing yourself in the eyes, look at the screen of your phone? Bridal ceremonies happens something similar, although on one much larger scale. While the bride and groom exchange their vows surrounded by people who want to share the moment, some guests type in their cell phones and others are busy looking for the perfect filter for the photo you have just taken. If you think about it, few are really focused on what is happening to the front. It’s horrible!

What If You Asked Your Guests To Leave Their Cell Phones For A Moment?

In recent months, some brides have chosen to establish “free cell phone” time in their ceremonies in order to enjoy the moment without intrusive electronic devices. “It is an inescapable fact: the simple act of’instagreamar’or ‘Tweet’ you out of the moment, if only for a second.” Without their cell phones, your guests can really be with you”, writes Elizabeth, a girlfriend who decided to dispense with cell phones, in an article published in EliteDaily in your wedding.

On the other hand, really want to share a moment as intimate as it is a ceremony with complete strangers? Think about what you would like to be shared and on what you would like to keep private.

Perhaps in a home this request could cause a bit of confusion and even dislike between the most fans to the cell. For this reason, don’t explain your reasons to make such a request, perhaps leaving them a loving note on his table. Attempts is of a short period of time, a moment that is extremely important for you: for example, while exchange vows or made their first married dance. So all may be one hundred per cent present at the time, then that will happen in a twinkling of an eye.