Again Another 90’s Trends: Ankle Bracelet

Do you think that the? noventero revival was it over? What with the crop top, Dickies, the Fanny Pack, the Stan Smith and other trends had enough? Because you were very wrong, there are still trends reappear and one of them are the anklet bracelets, as it could not be otherwise, already they have preferential treatment in mass market firms.

Although only a few bloggers have already dared to wear bracelets to ankle in their post, seeing the number of models that are in stores promises to be one of the trends spring-summer 2014. It depends on how is your style, you have your ankle bracelet:

  • Bracelet / anklet in hearts and stars in purple, 4.21 euros.
  • Ankle bracelet with design of metallic dock, 12.64 euros.
  • With detail of tassels, 11,24 euros.
  • Pack of 2 bracelets anklets with symbols of peace and star design, 11,24 euros.