8 Things That Have Already Been Considered to Be Errors of Style

8 Things That Have Already Been Considered to Be Errors of Style

Every season has its rules fashion, they change from time to time thanks to cultural changes, economic situation, trends, and aesthetic sense, so it’s not strange to think that less than 20 years ago much of what we wear today would be considered ugly, dowdy or even absurd, but it need not be anything bold, just check out our list of the 8 things that have already been considered to be errors of style, but that are currently fully usable and even considered to be bold, regardless of whether you like them or not!

8 Things That Have Already Been Considered to Be Errors of Style

1 – Double denim (jeans+jeans)

During the whole decade of the 90 combinations of denim jeans have been denied by most people, but let’s not put the blame on anyone, at the time, the denim had a few colors and washes, the visual was not so nice, in addition to that, people were obsessed by peers and insisted on using parts with exactly the same characteristics, what his mother called “conjuntinho”.

Currently the jeans was so versatile that you can combine two pieces without that they are fully equal, it is sufficient that at least one element (color, wash or wear out) is similar to form a combo nice.


2 – Navy Blue combined with black

Black pants with shirt marine? Hi buddy, you are wrong dress, because black and blue are “a combination of very dead,” “the visual is deleted”, “you do not get highlights”, these were some of the allegations of the people who claimed to be a fashion in the 90’s. I do not remember this conversation in the 80’s, but it is possible that this prejudice may come from far away.

Today looks that abuse of these two colors demonstrate to be elegant, versatile and sophisticated, contrary to what was thought. The truth is that the clothes noventista with your modeling excessively large does not gave a lot of space for anything that was not contrasting, this is perhaps the reason that standard obsolete.


3 – Mix patterns or prints

If today there are people who mix two types of plaid, or stripes with poa, at the end of the last century this was considered an exaggeration and, often, a only default, or print more far-fetched as the paisley, for example, was already hardly seen in the male environment.

A guy who came in a time machine in 95 and left her in the days of today would be appalled: who had mastered the tricks of style, mixing two or three patterns without problems. Of course, there are still exaggerated, but in the end the men came out winning with so many freedoms at the time of dressing.


4 – Socks appearing

For two decades no one cared for the half, rarely she appeared, the bars had most of the time, so who left the socks the show was not very well received. At that time the length of the pants was just one.

In the modern fashion the half turned into a way for the man to leave the costume more colorful and irreverent, soon, to show it, even if you’re not a fan of the idea, not is no sin.


5 – Pants set (slim fit)

Twenty years ago it was the fashion pants bag, half-bag and the big – the latter the worse in my opinion – he was spending much fabric to make a jeans at that time and, worst of all, many brands simply abandoned the other models, making it a martyrdom to find a pants with straight cut traditional for a long time. If you wear a pair of pants adjusted more surely would get some looks of disapproval.Only there for 98 or 99 that the clothes came back to get more and more adjusted to the body and the back of the traditional models has opened a space for the slim fit and the success of skinny that remains high-about 10 years ago. Who’s to say?


6 – Bars shorter

Show the cops was not something that had minimal ties with the fashion of the time, the clothes were baggy too, a lot of people wore white sock with a casual outfit and thought it was normal and, in addition, nobody did or he’d double up the bars of the pants, the leg tangled was the big trend of the 90s, no one talked to the guys that let the whole world squat. Even so, one day, they tried to release capri pants for men, but the idea didn’t catch on, although some of the mighty who tried to use.

In recent times has allowed the use of the length of the bar, folded or not, showing the half-colored or a piece of cinnamon (much less than a capri) but there are still many who resist the trend with the old maxim: “it Seems the pants to jump wetland”.

Oh well, to each his own!


7 – Running-Shoes/the shoe without socks

With shorts up to I could, but with pants it was unthinkable, especially in clothes that are more formal, even if used in a relaxed manner on occasions idem.

A curious thing is brazilian that at certain times he doesn’t care to show too much and in others it seems to not want to show anything, the more interesting thing is that not always these two cases occur in their respective appropriate times. : P

Another item on the list that today divides opinion!


8 – Overlay

In a day of cold you could wear a t-shirt, a shirt and a blouse of fine mesh, since all this was covered and hidden by a heavy sweatshirt. How the people loved a sweatshirt this time!

Now we know that even a sweatshirt can be used to make one of the layers that will compose the look, but there are other parts of the most fashionable coats, jackets and blazers that can give better finish to the composition.


Author’s note:

While writing this post I remembered a half a dozen customs and certain prejudices which had been left behind with the evolution of menswear, then you can expect because this article will have a second part!