10 Icons of Fashion, 10 Timeless Lessons

Thinking of you, we have selected to 10 fashion icons whose style inspired in his day, and still continues to do so, a lot of people: anonymous people and also a great designers. Second thought, all these icons which we have transmitted is an attitude towards life because, you know, fashions pass, but the style remains.

Oscar Wilde used to say that the fashion It is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we saw forced to change it every 6 months. It is curious that a writer who went down in history as one of the first recognized dandies make such statement, but it is already known that Wilde was an iconoclast who liked to provoke.

Some of these icons will teach us how to combine a mariniere, look a few dancers, or be a lady from head to toe. 10 lessons of style that will enable us to achieve the highest degree of sophistication without losing the simplicity because, as Diana Vreeland, true elegance lies in the spirit, and if you have it, the rest comes alone.

Coco Chanel

Mlle. Chanel I used to say that to be irreplaceable, it must be different. Fashion is not something that resides only in garments. Fashion is in the air, the wind moves it, it is on the street, you eying it.

Coco Chanel was the first to create a LBD, a jersey dress black able to combine at a same time rigour, harmony and sensuousness, since it freed the movements of women unless you lose therefore his elegance. A dress suitable both to go to work and attend a cocktail. As soon as women surpassed that resquemor that you safeguard this garment with mourning, began to realize the advantages posed by a wild card of this type with a long knee high.

Clear to brighten it a bit the accessories were fundamental. So the designer encouraged to combine them with various Pearl sautoirs, large brooches in the form of stars or comets or, even, with its famous white camellias.

Gabrielle Chanel was also the first to dare to use male pants combined with the marinieres striped that he used to use the Breton sailors. His example did not hesitate to be supported because the fundamentals of the style of Coco Chanel are based in the luxury of comfort, independence and freedom of movement.

After the second world war, Coco Chanel recovered its activity throwing style that would symbolize his brand since then: I am referring to the famous tailleur tweed with four pockets, decorated with Botones-Joya game with bicolor shoes (cream and black) and the matelassé bag that is hung from the shoulder with a golden chain. Coco Chanel arrived to say that she did not fashion, she was the fashion. Of course, I will not be who discuss it.

ELSA Schiaparelli

Fashion is what designers offer us four times a year. The style is what one chooses

ELSA Schaparelli was first and foremost an artist who was hobnobbing with the surreal and with the Dadaists from the time. She used to say that during troubled times, fashion is always extravagant. He was the first designer who dared to mix the vision of art with the haute couture. His love for art influenced all his creations, which allowed him to break with classical schemes until then governed the world of fashion.

His female ideal was the image of a free and independent, but always elegant woman. His style was one real revolution, and it has influenced many of the great designers of the fashion world today. A style made of coherence, attention to detail and excellence.

The first to want to pay tribute to the spirit of the Schiap was Christian Lacroix who, in 2013, decided to dust off their junk to make a composite collection by Fifteen items who baptized all with names that start with “S” as “shocking” (shocking pink, her favorite color). The eclecticism of the Schiap lives in Haute Couture (even without a designer estrella).

Two years ago, his granddaughter – actress Marisa Berenson -, It auctioned off personal wardrobe and memories of her grandmother, the great ELSA Schiaparelli. An auction consisting of 180 lots that made the delight of lovers of culture and fashion as this designer born in Italy always went to the creative avant-garde of his time.

Marilyn Monroe

“Give a girl a good pair of shoes, and conquer the world.” That was the battle cry of the iconic American actress whose image, dressed in white with a pleated dress on the grille of a subway exit, it has been forever etched into our memory in an indelible manner. As well this costume was created by its designer’s confidence, William Travilla. I still wonder how got is not colaran her heels on the grid. Legend has it, to avoid that the operator had placed under the grid with a fan does not get is too view, the actress decided to put a bib, going against their customs, as it boasted not never carry inside clothing.

Other costumes that are most remembered was the Gold lamé suit that he wore in the film “men prefer blondes”. The nickname is a box with pronounced V-neckline made up a single circle of gold lamé soleil plisse sewn directly on the body of the actress, which earned him to William Travilla “The man who wore to the sex-symbols”.

Give a girl a good pair of shoes, and conquer the world

In another scene in the same film, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell look two identical red costumes that shone as if they were jewels. Each one of the Red sequins with which had been made had been stitched by hand in spiral so they caught better light.

But if there is a scene that all associate with Marilyn is that in which appears an a pink satin bustier costume game with a long gloves same tone accesorizado with stunning jewelry rhinestone bracelets. One detail that almost no one knows is that Marilyn could cling well to her boys while she danced and not be escurriese, Travilla commanded sew you in the Palm of the gloves a the same tone cotton flannelette.

In 1960, Marilyn picked up the award “The best performer of the year” at the Golden Globes Award wearing a stole of white mink fur also designed by Travilla.

In the film “How marry a millionaire” saw her wearing a bustier purple satin costume whose neckline had a crossed diagonal brace on which hung a removable tail so that it able not chest. The tandem formed by Monroe and Travilla continued to operate even in 8 movies.

Audrey Hepburn

“Elegance is the unique beauty that is not never aja. The beauty of a woman lies not in suits carrying, your makeup, or on the way in which the hair is arranged. The real beauty is a reflection of the soul”.

Thus, at least, believed this actress who, despite being countercurrent in relation with the aesthetic canons prevailing in his time – became a fashion icon that continues today to inspire all the fashionistas of the world. To it we owe the birth of a new style with which the LBD by Givenchy with the trim on demi lune on the back and the Pearl sautoirs acquired a touch of genius.

In 1951, the writer Colette fell yielded to its charm and offered him the lead role of “Gigi”, his new play. Although the work was not too successful, Billy Wyler set it so that it were film “Holiday in Rome” where the chosen costume by Edith Head He did running rivers of ink. From then on, all eyes turned to this fragile woman full of charisma, which seemed to be one hundred thousand kilometers away from the lush Marilyn Monroe.

It was precisely after the filming of “Sabrina”, and the costumes designed for her by Hubert de Givenchy, When joined to become in a fashion icon. The designer acknowledged that Audrey knew perfectly what qualities should highlight. He knew his physique, his defects and knew take advantage of peculiarities (his rangy body, her flat chest and its long neck). Givenchy commented on more than one occasion that his only merit was to know adapt to the wishes of the actress, highlighting its features, and trying not to hide them (as to Edith Head).

The existing Alchemy between Givenchy and Audrey resulted in the birth of a new image of elegance, which is still apt today. Da same which put a belted jacket suit, a costume Corolla, or a few Skinny pants and a neck sweater become glued to the body, his style embodies the quintessence of grace. Audrey wouldn’t be guided by fashion, they built their own style. On numerous occasions it appeared on the cover of the magazine Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Ever an actress had managed to raise so much admiration in the world of fashion. Even today it continues influencing designers who say it is a true icon of absolutely timeless fashion.

Brigitte Bardot

Normally associate the dancers with the glamorous and chic image of a stylized Audrey Hepburn, wearing them in the film “Sabrina” to play with a skinny black trousers and a shirt of the same tone. It was signed by Salvatore Ferragamo “Capri” model. However, it was a very young Brigitte Bardot -who had just make their first steps as an actress, having been a professional dancer, the first to order him to Rose Repetto a shoe that allowed him to provide elegance to your port when walking in 1956.

Rose Repetto created for her the famous ballerinas “Cinderella” (Cinderella), that the actress was during the filming of the movie “And God created woman” directed by Roger Vadim, and that soon become a reinterpreted cult object, later, by many other designers as Coco Chanel, Giuseppe Zanotti, Lanvin, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Chloé and even Christian Louboutin.

Another form of clothing fashionable were the style New Look dresses with wide skirt puffed with a tulle underskirt. On June 18, 1959, married with Jacques Charrier Brigitte Bardot wearing a trajecito made of a fabric that used to be used to make curtains and kitchen wipes.

BB always has been very warlike, and to challenge the prevailing conventions at the time, relied on his good friend, designer Jacques Esterel who, encouraged by the actress, decided to wreck with the tradition of the veils and wedding dresses Satin white, preferring a very cheap fabric. When BB appeared with this ready-made costume in Pink Vichy on the cover of the magazine Jours de France on 27 June, he immediately seduced a whole generation.

Francoise Hardy

Perhaps this name will not sound much, but if you say do thanks to the photographer Jean-Marie Périer and the song “Tous les Garçons et les filles de mon age” – one of the French songs of the world’s best-known and most reinterpreted all-time – Françoise Madeleine Hardy developed there by 1963 not only the new Idol of the song but also the best yeye fashion Ambassador , mini skirts, white, and fringe boots. An image that was evolving thanks to the influence of Perier and designers of the likes of André Courrèges, Yves Saint Laurent and Paco Rabanne, who chose it as their brand Ambassador, and Marc Bohan of Dior that made her a dress from the designs of the artist Sonia Delaunay.

His appearances in public during his French tour in the year 1965 wearing creations by Courreges, his performance at the Savoy in London the following year dressed with the famous Tuxedo designed by Yves Saint Laurent or her unforgettable performance in April of 68 shining inside of a metallic mini dress What Paco Rabanne It was designed exclusively for it caused a real sensation. Both Rabanne decided to continue designing for it, making it exhibiese more expensive mini costume in the world made from gold plates encrusted with diamonds at the opening of the international diamond exhibition that took place in the famous may 68 (coinciding with the student revolution in France).

Grace Kelly

When I hear talk of Kelly the first thing that comes to mind is that Hermes bag the Princess Grace of Monaco It is strategically placed to hide a pregnancy that has not been confirmed officially. A photo first published in Life magazine, which turned the world appearing reproduced in numerous magazines, and that had a huge impact.

The second their turbans (don’t know why) and the following its wonderful lace bridal costume. One of the most elegant and more remembered for all time, and that continues to inspire many brides choosing their wedding attire. The costume was designed by Helen Rose, responsible for costumes for the Metro Golden Meyer, and twice Oscar-worthy. In 1957, most of the photos were in black and white, a fact that many are unaware is that this lace dress was a soft pink.

It was the year 1966 when Rodolfo Gucci It was visited by grace of Monaco, in the company of Prince Rainiero, at her boutique in Milan. On that occasion, the Princess acquired a bag model Bamboo Green, and Rodolfo Gucci wanted to thank the gesture, making it a gift.

Princess Grace commented that he would like a foulard. The businessman, nervous and excited, considered that Carrés of that year Gucci collection was nothing sufficiently special to be able to entertain such customer. So, he decided to contact the famous Illustrator Vittorio Accornero, ordering him to design the most nice and flowery scarf that fit imagine.

After working all night in design, Accornero arose the next morning with a composite print by forty-three varieties of flowers multicolored, to which he gave the name of Flora. Frida Giannini regained this mythical scarf pattern, and made him the undisputed protagonist of a whole collection, asking also the granddaughter of Princess Grace, Carlota Casiraghi, it if your advertising campaign.

Mary Quant

For Mary Quant, the woman who goes to the fashion wears a garment, is the outfit that takes her to her. Undisputed leader of the Swinging London, the visionary designer who created the miniskirt has just turned 80 years old. Although he acknowledges feeling a certain nostalgia for all that excitement and innovation that existed in the London of the 1960s, he confesses to being enthusiastic by the current fashion, which pays special attention to legs and the status of women.

This woman revolutionized women’s fashion to popularize the mini skirt, the color tights selling in a boutique in the Chelsea neighborhood. A clothing and accessories store that had a restaurant above which was the meeting point for young artists and musicians.

Mary Quant was designing dresses and short skirts, of simple lines and in vivid colors, and having fun teaching them in shop windows with a staging of the most extravagant. Encouraged by the success, the designer opened a second store in collaboration with an American chain of department stores, launched a line of low-cost that was called The Ginger Group.

In love of the geometric shapes, of the Op Art, contrasts of colors and plays with different materials such as PVC, Mary Quant created a more playful and devoid of the classic English snobism fashion. A fashion that He married to wonder pop, with cafés and jazz clubs.

The style and personality of Mary Quant with his famous bangs created by Vidal Sassoon they have helped make it the fashion designer most famous of England during the 1960s. In addition, his fearless character provided headlines to speak provocatively of sexuality.

Lauren Hutton

“Fashion is what designers offer us four times a year. The style is what one chooses, the better you will”. This is the mantra of a style icon that all should inspire us. During the Decade of the 70s, Lauren was perfection. Enough you put in denim shorts and a t-shirt to shine with their own light.

This model-turned actress (has worked with Richard Gere or Robert Redford, Gérard Depardieu) was 27 times cover of Vogue During that decade. Still shows us one day Yes and another also, that fashion is not reserved only for the young models, but for everyone.

His spirit is a authentic style lesson that teaches us to adapt to the latest trends. Now that he just turned 71, the magazines say part of those women who invite you to be old.