Wonderful Jackets In The Softest Faux Fur

Long red cardigan in knit: Nice red cardigan in fine knit.

The pattern is large circles in smooth knit in a matte yarns, while the space is in a darker and glossy hue, which gives a nice contrast. The Cardigan is open standing, and ends in 2 ends in front of. The edge on the back rounds easily.

A single small clasp can be closed at the top, thus resulting a v-neck. The Cardigan has long sleeves and A-average provides extra width and give a nice wave edge at the bottom.

And don’t miss the fabulous scarf in the same stunning knitting pattern.

Off-white jacket in Fake Fur: Wonderful jacket in the softest Faux Fur (faux fur).

The jacket has a fine round neck and it is closed with small hidden clasps. The inside is lined with glossy and smooth material that feels comfortable soft to wear. The jacket has a really good length, which is just below the buttocks. And so have the two lovely deep pockets to warm your hands in. You will find the same model in a nice grey color on hoticle.com. A beautiful and exclusive winter jacket that is a little out of the ordinary.