Women’s Swimwear & Beachwear 2016

Each year, the same old story. Cracking the big swimsuit radius, you buy back in yet another. But have you thought about renewing the rest? You know, that old beach dress that has already been six summers at Cap Ferret or that pair of sandals whose soles off dangerously? Give everything to Emmaus and renew the stock: here are seven tips to twist her beach look!

We Swapped His Beach Dress for a Kimono …

The beach dress is very nice but it’s, you know … redundant! We quickly made ​​the rounds and it’s time to try something else. And this other thing that will wake with your beach style look, is called kimono! Because this summer, you wear it at home, in town, shopping trip or to go out, and yes, you also will wear to the beach: the kimono is the piece to own this summer. If it is long, it can attach and wear it as a dress. Otherwise, it is left open on a bikini and mini denim shorts.

We Swapped His Pair of Sneakers for … Pool Tap

Repack your sneakers (that is kept for the city) or flip flops (which does not keep, actually)! Shoe “in” on the beach for the summer is none other than … the pool tap! Yes, you heard right, pool tap, a sandal with one big band on the top of the foot, such as Camille Lacourt. Last year, the Adilette Adidas surprised the fashion world by becoming, no one expected it, an it-shoe. This summer, it is one of the shoes to be absolutely. Brands have thus had time to prepare and offer many variations plastic acidic or, more chic, leather. We choose her favorite pair and dark. See Plus-Size-Tips for vintage swimwear.

We Swapped His Hat for a Cap …

Because after years of hanging out your old panama straw that unravels around (or prick the Havana Club hat lying around in your car guy), it is time to change. To do this, choose the cap. The sporty style is timeless in recent seasons and admit it, you dream of hip hop chic look to Rihanna, absolute style icon. Then skip the step, the cap is a must have. Even the designers are getting into: Kenzo and collaborates regularly with the cult brand snapback New Era. To avoid the side in full teen acne crisis, we forget the neon zebra print. We choose the simplicity of a united model or very girlie side of a flower pattern. The most daring can even choose just a visor, super sportswear.

We Swapped Her Beach Bag for a Basket …

You already trimballez in the year all your stuff in your old tote bag, so no question of you typing all summer. Especially on the beaches, the trend will be to cart! For a totally bohemian and cool look, one can choose in rigid wicker, like the one your grandma took to the market. But for those who need to practice (and to transport your novel of the summer and your fifteen tubes Cremen understandably so), slip under his arm a basket soft or rough, for the natural side, or on the contrary to custom shot tassels, colors, patterns.

We Swapped His Shell Jewelry for … a Nice Anklet

When you said jewelry to the beach, you probably imagine the old shark tooth hanging on the neck of your mono surfing or necklace crafted by your little cousin with his shell spoil the day. Well think again! The ankle bracelet is back and the beach is the perfect opportunity to show it. It will give you immediately an air of cool surfer, especially if you choose leather. But the real good plan is to choose gold or silver for it shines on your tanned leg!

We Swapped His Milking Grease … for a Sunscreen That Beautifies

Your days of teenage beach to toast the bread smeared with grease milking without any protective shadow are gone by! It has been understood that to fry the skin to large oil reinforcement not bring us any good, if not a horrible cramée skin peeling. Exit dangerous products and hello sunscreen, we choose the same index 50! But no question as to give up a nice tan and for that brands compete ingenuity. Activator cream tan, glitter spray protector … but Sunscreen 2016 makes it beautiful while protecting our skin.

Its Fluorescent Varnish Is Swapped for a Fruity Color …

In summer, the temptation to spread garish colors on our toes fan is understandable envy between totally regressive and disco next to Ibiza. But this summer, why not change its polish palette to match the color trend of summer 2016? The right plan? Colors that recall the summer fruit: peach, strawberry, lemon … Or even a mint green accents the mojitos!