Women’s Dressy Gaucho Pants 2016

The Rio Grande do Sul is an area formed by several people. Many Europeans migrated here when times walked hard in the post First World War and found a home here. Therefore, it is common to find as typical gaucho clothes much of what you see in traditional festivals in Europe. There is in this Brazilian state many Germans, Italians and many other nationalities, making interesting a culture so well adapted to the Brazilian ground and mixed. Meet the main gaucho clothes and how they are used in their events.

This dress is culture and is used for generations. It is a cultural heritage of the gauchos and be expected to ever be used. For women, the composition is a long dress with ruffled skirt with three bedridden, long sleeves and high collar. Recalls quite the time of dresses worn in some novels. Accepted shoes for this costume are sneakers and boots.

For men, the traditional costume is boot high-top with baggy pants called breeches, color blazer jacket with pants and scarf with only one knot and loose and at the same place tie. The hat is an option, but the older love and always use at events.

Long skirt, sleeve blouse or skirt and cardigan is another typical gaucho costume and facing the most modern, for those who do not want to wear long dress. The skirt, however, is still long, covering up to the middle of the foot. The model of the skirt is flared, with some frills and always well loose. tight skirt is not typical of women’s gaucho clothing.

The blouse is the type gown, with long or ¾ sleeves. You may have a slight neck, but never expose her breasts. Good behavior is crucial in this costume. But the jacket has small collar and hold in front, only to supplement and should not push anything. A flower in the head on the left is generally used.

Dresses for day to day

If you’ve seen the time of novels, there’s the royal family first came to Brazil, will have a better sense of what would be the gauchos dressed. They are always loose, with some colors and classic patterns, but no prints. They are always smooth tones like blue and white, all blue, all cream or all beige. Prints with flowers and graphics did not exist at the beginning of the Rio Grande do Sul town and among the Europeans who settled the region, so they are not used.

The sleeve with ruffles is almost a tradition here, so it is very welcome in blouses in your version jacket and dresses. There are those who adore long to be more discreet, but the short or medium sleeve is also accepted without problems. The flared sleeve is also widely used in these models.


It is a loose men’s trousers and constantly seen in TV shows like typical gaucho clothing. She wears only men, specifically the farmer and cattleman. It is loose in the legs and thick fabrics to withstand the coldest days. Great for day to day, but is not commonly used so be a festive costume. But it is common for older men are seen wearing breeches and boots on a daily basis, especially from ds 60 years old.

The Gaucho Clothes, No Accessories

As we are talking about times costumes, nothing to complement the look with bracelets, necklaces, watches and necklaces. If something very discreet and delicate, without interfering with the costume, you can use. But maxi necklaces and earrings are totally prohibited. It would be a mortal sin to spoil a visual as traditional with extremely modern fittings. And if for a typical event, there is that left out even!

The costumes mentioned above are commonly used by men and women in events in the region. Gauchos greatly enhance their costumes countryside style and many who enjoy the holidays, have some of these items at home. They love to attend any place festive event and mingle with the community.

Another common curiosity in the use of gaucho clothes is that it does not use makeup. With its use, at most one nude makeup just to correct the defects. Nothing fancy or sexy look. The proposal is to be discreet and traditional, so the eyes and washed maximum gloss to them.