Women Maria Geisha Fashion Dress

The clothing brand Maria Geisha always very successful among the most tuned and women seeking hippest clothes. Located in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo, this brand already distributes its clothing throughout Brazil and does not have a distribution point in your city, you can buy directly from the site and receive in your home. Not yet know Maria Geisha? Here are some details about the company and their dresses

Who is Maria Geisha?

With a small brand, they began to distribute the city of Vila Velha where they live, they came to distribute to all the state and soon sent their productions for the whole Brazil.

Today, in addition to having physical store, Maria Geisha brand also has a virtual space that is growing every day. It is from the site that the clothes arrive anywhere in the world. You can purchase parts wholesale, retail and/or sign up to make the distribution of the dresses. All this is done with very special and values ​​compatible with the market.

Collections Maria Geisha Dresses

The profile of women wearing the dresses of Mary Geisha is focused on diversity, sensuality, the charm and modernism.

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The brand Maria Geisha participates every year of major fashion events and so keep their collections updated every season. Visiting the site you have available the dresses of the trend of the moment, but also gives to purchase parts of last season, if you still have availability.

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Worthy of all that has highlighted, Maria Geisha has participated annually in major events for the fashion and with national and international recognition. The Fashion Business is considered the largest dedicated trade show for fashion throughout Latin America. Maria Geisha is one of the most popular brands of this fair for exposing parts and be very popular with such. In addition to the Fashion Busines, the Capixaba brand has participated in other events such as:

  • Exhibition in national commercial centers such as São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, among others.
  • Show Room group GFN, where the brand has a stand presenting its collections and best dressed.
  • brand exposure in Augusta Street, famous shopping center of São Paulo.

In addition, you will find Maria Geisha in many other places throughout Brazil. If an exposure event for major retailers and wholesalers, surely this brand will be highlighted.