Winter Trends: The Look Folk

If there is a trend this season is in the name of all, that is the aesthetic folk. On the street you are seeing little by little, we know that sometimes the changes are slow, but they come. But to the famous long ago that we see them with this style, what is more, even in summer some already began to glimpse it in winter would be the style to follow.

In August my colleague Chloe, talking about the tops of folk style, anticipating it and there appeared the trendsetter of always: Nicole Richie, that is not lost a step forward ever, as Mary-Kate Olsen, Sienna Miller, who beats the lot this style, and a Kate Moss for Cavalli or for your own collection for TopShop.

Now come the new campaigns for brands and we return to see how folk style is one of the must of the season. Inditex well knows how to stay abreast, this is where it is. With its main lines has opted for the folk style garment after garment. In Zara we have the first example, with tops and maxi cardigans impeccable, after Stradivarius repeats the move with the same clothes but more juveniles; and Bershka also gives his particular vision style.

And we see not only the style in the more affordable brands, but companies such as Hermes also looking for that image, and even Gucci takes him to his campaign of bags.

Ready to wear lines and accessible as Pepe Jeans dresses almost all your clothes from fashion folk, with airs very hippies. Replay It goes even to the West to make this style more original. And Unequal follow your taste by mixing.

The Basic keys to go well under these premises and not fall into certain slackness, it is based on well complemented the clothes. It is well done with a wide and loose-fitting blouse, but then not be expected dress the skinny on duty with XXL heels of scandal. Yours is simple, with a basic top that look by itself just because it will be the main piece of the style and then possibly a go skirt with airs also folk and hippie.

The Add-ins You can not miss. Necklaces with airs ethnic well look on the top of turn, or if we don’t want collars, we can get with bracelets but in moderation. I have always been that I preferred one or two, fifty boards. When choosing the bag, nothing to choose the more monkey clutch of the closet, but one large and relaxed, dark leather is always an excellent choice. Y relative to scarves and so on, always get several, especially the long and colorful.

And finally, hairstyle and sunglasses. The hair is quite important in this style. You should follow the general dynamics. You can not go to give a feeling of having been five hours at the hair salon, because then it breaks the general idea. Rather loose, but without never neglecting it. And sunglasses we must know how to choose them. Not all worth. The WayFarer Black do not fail, the maxi glasses retro style have their success but not all feel them well, and the Aviator better book them for a look more rock, although they can also be seen.

In short, a style that will see much that will take its boom in the spring and summer of the coming year, because it is always the same: everything starts now, but later becomes.