Winter Trends: Military Jackets

There is no doubt that the military It is one of those trends that come and go and always return in a reinterpretation or another. They are already embodied in camouflage pants and brought us Madonna with its American Life or more elegant versions and less G.I.Jane.

And so the trend of this season, something more neat and classic military that takes us back to those ensarzados armies in deadly fight at Waterloo. The military style She goes to a very 19th-century trend in velvet or wool suits with double-breasted Golden.

But this wave completely Sargent completo Pepper goes far beyond something to the Micheal Jackson with a style of circus bandleader, is rather something simple and elegant in dark colors, basically black making highlight eGolden l buttons and embroidered details.

This trend was seen on the runway of Balenciaga as three years ago. You know that the firm always anticipates trends that seem devoid of snetido and overloaded at the time, but then become something must-haves as your Gladiator sandals or their ethnic bags.

Now other firms have joined the fashion and have deployed several alternatives that one may learn to wear this piece with elegance and the porte that requires. Principle the double-breasted is very elegant and with a metallic or golden touch gives you a martial air to the topic. Wear it with leather pants, leggings PVC or high boots is the easiest way of looking good. All monochromatic in black to highlight the details.

The other is more in an atmosphere of the French Revolution with an ethereal dress and jacket cover, boots and a hairstyle very Marianne. It is remarkable and the most dramatic alternative. But if you are looking for something simple, skinny jeans, boots high or stilettos and jacket and there is no problem.

Alexander McQueen It proposes one that combines the double breasted and cut with a few ruffles, taking a two in one apra season as to what must be in the closet, in addition I do not believe that this model is going to be out of fashion very quickly. Also Collette Dinnigan and Temperley London have joined the trend, but if you want to look for something cheaper Urban Outfitters, Oasis and don’t doubt that in Zara soon we will have something. If it is not already on hangers.