Winter Trends: Layers

When I was little I had a red coat Little Red Riding Hood style and think that no it took it me or sleeping. So when I saw one of the trends of this season to remembering my garment it from the children, I could not help more than smile. Obviously, this trend does not come in a red colo or with buttons on Apple, but it is very chic and a good way to stay covered with style.

The layers be they taking over the place that used to have shelters, expanding the ranking of articles that we can keep the wind and cold, without resorting to the traditional. On the contrary, girls dare to use it you will see that the trend is likely to.

Can be used with a short skirt and thick stockings, Remember that the colors are trendy, so if your look is a total wave black, can be versatile and give a touch of color with the garment without seeming circus clown. They are also well with skinny jeans, in particular with a Turtleneck under not very thick with what will a well tapadita and very stylish.


In terms of the designs and colors, well, there is a little shorter layers and other hip or pumps. That is a matter of taste and figure. A cortita comes lower girls well, but if you’re more well-fed opt for one any longer. They are normally in black, It is one of the basics of the season as usual, but there are also some touches of color in Green, gray or camel. The point is to see that you have more in your closet to get out.

In particular combined with thick socks and a few short boots, I think that he is achieved by a governess effect very ad hoc. The of White breasted Golden mix is style coating and also the military jacket, a wave very charming interwar nurse.

We also have the option of H & M you know that it always more risks with this kind of trend that other firms in a very European sense. With French-style Beret is amazing what can be accomplished.

You see there is plenty to get him out, you only have to let the coat or the jacket at home and opt for a layer.