Winter Trend: T-Shirts Rock

The music is always in fashion. There are so many trends such as musical genres. And therefore, to fashion not this fact passes unnoticed. If there is something that always has your hook and certain audience is everything that is related to music, because today, it has gone from listening to music as taste and pleasure in very selected places, to listen to music anywhere and sometimes Yes.

The Artists always they have influenced in all types of public, and sometimes being the pioneers of a trend, as it is the case of the outbreak of the glam com Bowie and T. Rex to the head. In Jezebel, we are aware of this constant and historic union of fashion with the world of music and have our particular review figures that have marked style.

This season Returns the rock (although never been), return the icons most characteristic and framed in the current trend of a too casual and carefree fashion. Are t-shirts that revisit the punk fashion point, very simple but very effective.

Among the most famous faces who return to the shirt, is the de David Bowie, who captures several versions. See you in the character of Aladdin Sane, in the same way that was portrayed in 1973, only that it plays in the designs of the t-shirt with the details.

It is version in gray, with the letters under it which is quite bland and also in white, with games between Ray and star, rather more successful. I remember seeing in H & M but I doubt if it was like the first option.

The second most portrayed face of the season is Deborah Harry, leader of Blondie. The diva we have it in most successful t-shirts. Especially that of minimalist, choosing only certain features of his face in black on a white background. The other option leads to style who spent the English ensemble at the time: game in Fuchsia and black, and the overlays and stripes.

But if the music is not ours, and we want to opt to follow fed fashion with fashion, we will have to opt out of the face of the popular Kate Moss. TopShop you have these t-shirts available, playing again with the rock aesthetic and pretty psychedelic designs. Now, the maxi face of the British covering the entire shirt, is only for recognized fans.

Rock t-shirts are established again as a trend that brands such as Bershka have in their catalog. Hurts me to see the great Bowie, Deborah Harry or The Who so considered, and led by people who do not know his works legacy, but fashion sends.