Why Should I Wear A Sports Bra?

Did you know that only 15% of women wear a bra adapted to their sport? In running, usually all the attention is focused on the footwear and wearing a clothing adapted to the weather conditions.

However, a bra or a top specially designed for running bring more comfort and, above all, protect the chest. So this is a health issue.

Chest And Running

When we run, the chest swings down and up with each stride. This affects all breasts, but the more generous the breast , the greater the movement. This uncomfortable and painful phenomenon is aggravated by normal bras, especially if they have hoops, because they hurt the mammary groove during the run and can tear tissues.Prolonged use for running can cause irreversible damage and reduce the firmness and tension of the breast, causing it to sink and even deform.

A good reason to adopt the running bra, right?

The Fastening

Kalenji fasteners and tops offer the necessary support for running. How? Firstly, thanks to a structure designed especially for running.

Unlike normal fasteners, which hold the chest from below, the shape of the running fastener and the use of adapted textile components allow the breast to be “wrapped” to limit its horizontal movement and absorb shock.

The wide straps ensure, on the other hand, a distribution of the weight throughout the surface and avoid the formation of a painful groove in the shoulder. Each model of Kalenji bra or top has been validated by a laboratory test. This exclusive test allows us to say, for example, that the Sportance Confort running top offers a 28% higher grip than a normal bra.

Designed For Running

Providing restraint and preserving the chest is fine, but that should not detract from the overall comfort during running. For this reason, our teams pay special attention to two points: irritation and evacuation of perspiration.

To do this, textile components known as “antiperspirants”are used, which are even combined with perforations made with ultrasonics in the case of the Sportance Comfort top.

The cross straps offer a greater freedom of movement to the runner, leaving the shoulder blades free.

Finally, seamless assembly techniques allow you to limit the risk of irritation at long exits.

Bra Or Top?

The tops, because of their structure, are best suited for small and medium size breasts. They have the advantagethat they are more practical and quick to put on and that they can be worn alone, during the summer or during competitions.

The bras are ideal for generous breasts , thanks to their depth is greater. They are available in size and areadjustable, which allows them to be adjusted more accurately and improves the grip.

Running Bras Do Not Crush The Chest!

No longer fasteners that hold fastening crushing the chest. Models like the Sportance Power have been designed tooffer all the support and comfort expected of a running underwear, while still being female.

Wearing a bra or a running top is not a widespread custom among runners. And yet, the restraint they provide is critical to breast health. These fasteners also provide greater comfort thanks to the textile components used and its design specifically designed for running. So do not hesitate any longer!

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