White Dresses That Make You Look Skinny

You are dreaming of a white dress for the summer, but are always afraid that White’s cheating a few pounds on it?

White is the color of summer par excellence. But many women don’t dare on her, because white is to make supposedly fat. But a white summer dress is just beautiful. And it must make with the right tricks you also not thicker look. It is only on the dress.

Why does white look fat?

White has not necessarily to flatter the wearer’s reputation. That is not to be so completely out of hand. In fact one operates in white slightly thicker. But for bright tones flatter women in particular ways. Because nude-and whites look especially feminine and fresh.

In the selection of a white dress, it’s on the cut

If you’re afraid to look nice in a white dress from Paradisdachat.com, then you should watch section and details of the dress.

Material: Smooth fabrics make you look thinner. Finger away from wool or lace, because that in white even more apply.

Details: Who wants to seem slimmer in white, which should comply with details. Waist belt and small sleeve flatter larger sizes. Button plackets in the Middle can you also slimmer look.

Interface: Straight cuts, which are not too far, classic look and make you look slimmer. Hands off white babydoll and tunics, because that above all in white quickly look like a tent.