What’s The Right Bra For You?

Many designers say that half of the responsibility for the fit of a garment is just the underwear. Press in the right place, hide what is needed and enhance the attributes of women are essential actions for that Slinky dress be smooth and beautiful in the body. And you know who can help you, and for that? The right bra.

Choose the colors and fabrics of your new bra is the easy part, the hard part is to find out what is the best for you. The right bra is one that gives firmness, not squeeze and even gets off on her breasts. The perfect fit bra when you’re safe and you don’t remember all day with him. Gets the alert: who regulates too much is not with a correct size bra.

Find the ideal bra model for your body type may not be an easy task. Skinny, chubby, big breasts or small: each format requires a different model. In addition to raising your self-esteem, the appropriate bra can make you more beautiful and powerful. The choice of model and the correct size can also avoid discomfort and postural problems.

If you have large breasts, you need security and steadfastness, to avoid problems of posture or in the column. So, the piece should have thick handles, sides and back, offering support. Reinforcements under the bulges, fabrics doubles, also help.

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If you have small breasts, choose a Cup B model, because your back will be comfortable and fit breasts. Those who are filling are also welcome!

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If that bothers you are the flabby breasts, give preference to Bras that have, because they help keep the breasts in place. The bulge and the fillings also help shape them.

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For those who like to wear the strapless BRA, strapless Bras, although practical, this model is more suitable for those with smaller breasts and rigid, because the support is less. Structured models with espumadas cups, RIM and sides reinforced guarantee greater support. Ideal for use with clothes without handles or a shoulder only.

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Choose the right bra and stay beautiful!