What You Are Takes This Autumn/Winter: El Boyfriend Blazer

Forget the tailored jackets or Tuxedo type, and the total look of the 1980s, oddly enough, the age of Madonna and Like a Virgin is not the only prevailing this autumn/winter season on the catwalks: the oversized 1990s minimalism, It is also fashionable.

Calvin Klein o Marc Jacobs We have brought back proposed XXL, and follow in his footsteps, other so many designers are committed to liberate women from the hardships, both from waist down, as in coats and Blazers, wide, long, and very loose, coming almost out of the wardrobe your father’s or your boyfriend.

To the Melanie Griffith in female weapons, makes become greater than the yuppie style, but the proportions now are other, the best ally of the maxi Blazers are the skinny or very short skirts as a counterpoint to the serious and classic character of a eminently male garment as it is the American.

Yesterday we saw precisely to Liv Tyler wearing his particular version of the boyfriend blazer on the feast of Burberry in Los Angeles, and a perfectly combined it with cigarettes, sandals, and t-shirt below. Attention to detail of the rolled up sleeves, copy it and kill two trends in one shot.

If this mode had the bride, that would be Ashley Olsen, from the beginning has opted for a rather led size, and choose to Francisco Costa as a wild card to make her your flag.

And her sister Mary-Kate follow his footsteps closely, recently we saw it with a blazer extra long mode of dress, more than jacket, and instead of pulling devoted Designer, was it made it: the garment is one of the new pieces that can be found in department stores that distribute its signature “Elizabeth and James”.

But the twins are not the only ones to have fallen into the temptation: Gwyneth Paltrow y Charleze Theron they are incurring in the dressing room of “their respective” (bride and groom, means) for some time.

The same as Leighton Meester, This week was his particular version of the trend, in satin fabric and half-sleeve.

But the cebrities are not alone in being echoed the masculinization of suit jacket: Street, also fits.