What Types Of Earrings To Wear According To Your Face?

The earrings are an  essential complement  that is never missing in the jewelry box of any woman. As we know there is an infinite variety of types of earrings, but  not all slopes favor us all the same way.

Do you know that there aretypes of earrings that favor you according to your type of face? Today in demodaybelleza, we give you the keys to find the types of earrings that favor you according to your face.

So that the earrings favor your face and yourneck, the key is not to use earrings with the same shape of your face, this way you will be able to balance the harmony in your face.

What Types Of Earrings Favor Most According To Your Face?

#1 Types Of Earrings For Oval Face

The oval face is the most expensive form of easyto bring the types of earrings you want. The oval face, is a face that has harmony in itself, so you can afford all types of earrings you want. You see, it’s the way versatile, both when choosing the hairstyle , the makeup, the glasses , and of course, outstanding. However, although it favors any type of earrings, the ones that are least likely to favor you are the round, the types ofround earrings of button or the round earrings in the form of rings. So if you want to wear earrings that favor you and make the best of you, bet onlong earrings with triangular shapes, as long as you do not have a very short neck, in that case bets on slopes with a certain fall but without being button slopes. You can try different shapes to get different looks. One of our proposals is the photo. How about?

#2 Types Of Earrings For Square Face

This type of face is more complicated than the previous one, since it is a face that does not haveharmony , of very marked angles in the chin and the front. Therefore, we will have to choose thecorrect slope to achieve that harmony that we look for in the face. To do this, you should avoid slopes with angled, elongated designs and large ones. Our recommendation is that you bet on the types of  small earrings, with oval and/or round shapes, such as hoops or button earrings, to complete the harmony of your face.

#3 Types Of Round Face Earrings

Run away from the slopes with rounded shapes, as these will accentuate the shape of your face. If you want to find earrings that harmonize your face, you should look for slopes that hang, that is, long slopes , with angular details orgeometric shapes. Avoid hoops, big or small, because as we said at the beginning, having thesame shape as your face, will not benefit at all.

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#4 Types Of Earrings For Rectangular Or Elongated Face

This case is totally contrary to the previous one.In this case to get a harmony in your face, you must bet for types of round and glued earrings.The earrings in the form of hoops balance theelongated and square shape of your face. So,forget the big and long earrings, as they will not benefit you.

#5 Types Of Earrings For Hex Face Or Diamond

If your cheeks are wider than the forehead and chin, you have the diamond face. And this is that you are in luck because you have the perfect face to carry all the types of earrings you want to use. Yes, yes, all kinds of earrings. Our recommendation is that you try with  big hoopsas it will give you a perfect touch to complete your face. You’ll be terrific!

#6 Types Of Earrings For Face Inverted Triangle Or Heart

If your face has a heart shape or inverted triangle, you should bet on types of earringswhose shape is opposite to the shape of the ovalof your face, so forget the earrings that end in tip and are wide at the top. For you, the best option are the large models that contrast with thethinness of your chin. What do you think of our proposal?

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You know what?

The long earrings no help lengthenvisually a short neck

The short or button earrings are the least recommended for a long neck

Therefore, as a general rule : consider yourheight to know what types of slopes will suityou. Since if you are a short woman, the small earrings will be your allies, however if you are atall woman bet on bigger earrings.

The earrings are the perfect complement that helps give light to your face. Choose the colorsthat most favor and the result will be great.